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What’s Your Tablet Horoscope?

by anonymous

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CDW, a leading provider of technology products and services for business, government, education and healthcare, conducted a survey to determine the effects of tablets in the productivity of the workforce. CDW asked the respondents about their zodiac signs to see if there is a correlation between how individuals of certain astrological sign use tablets for work progress. Each sign has corresponding characteristics of how an individual uses his/her tablet.


Aries are said to be very organized with their work. They like presenting meetings, discussing proposals and planning projects with their tablets. Aries are likely to use managing apps, android text message apps, and note-taking apps to be more organized.


It seems that Taurus had its stand as the outgoing ones. Social media has been the center of their tablet usage. They are the ones who cannot live without social media on tablets. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. are definitely their favorites.


Travels have been associated with Gemini. They enjoy traveling and engage in meeting different people. Tablets have been very helpful in increasing their access to places and new colleagues. There’s no doubt that travel apps have a special place in their tablets.


Cancers are said to be good collaborators. Customers’ convenience is very important to them. They use their tablets as tool for great customer and constituent service. Cancer surely maintains sets of customer service apps on their devices.


Leos are known to be practical. They use tablets to improve their workflow. Aries and Leo are likely to have similarities when it comes to management and organization of workload. Tablets are essential to get things done according to a certain allotted time.


According to results, Virgo always needs an email management in his/her tablet. They are likely to spend much time sending and replying to mails. Indeed, mailing has become one of the top tablet activities of users.


Libras are probably the ones who spend most of their time in front of their tablets. They use their device for 13 hours in daily productivity gain. Libra has considered tablet as a must-have device for work.


Scorpios are known to be the independent workers. They use their tablets to boost their creativity and productivity. Tablets are their all-time buddies. Scorpios are likely to be similar with Leo when it comes to time spent on tablets.


Optimism is for Sagittarius. They are believed to have a better work-life balance with tablet use. Sagittarius makes sure that there is an equal time spent for life, work, and gadgets. They may be the ones who consider tablet SMS as helpful in connecting their social and professional lives.


Results say that Capricorns are the early adopters at work. They are very analytical with things that they easily manage to take in tablets for work progress.


Aquarius is regarded as the multi-tasker. Tablet use has been more convenient and fun for them. Such device is helpful in every task they need to complete.


Tablet connectivity is very important to Pisces. They are the ones who can work anywhere that they always keep their tablets with them. Like Aries, Leo, and Aquarius, Pisces put tablets in a very special place in their lives.

Indeed, there is a great rise on tablet usage in different workplaces. The role of tablets has become very essential to professionals from higher education, healthcare, small and large businesses, local government and other industries. Now, tablets could even determine one’s personality, characteristics and skills. These devices have soared really high in the world of technology.

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