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A Buyer’s Guide to Your First Stand Up Paddle Board

by bamboosup

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Paddle boarding is considered as one of the best holiday activities that you can do.  While on vacation, you get a good physical workout.  When you start paddle boarding, you’ll feel that you’re using muscles that you rarely get to use. SUP (stand up paddle boarding) works all the muscles that you need for balance: Your core stomach and back muscles, together with the feet, legs, arms and neck. Every stand up paddle Board Company has the goal to bring the best products to the consumer.

There are plenty of choices for the SUP boards, but it’s best to buy one suited just for you instead of renting. There are certain qualities to look for when buying the best SUP board on sale.

First of all, check the sizes and styles available from the SUP board company. Make sure that the board will fit your weight. The SUP board must be fit and safe for use.  For instance, an 11’6” paddle board is good for those under 170 lbs. A 12’6” board is recommend for those weighing from 170 lb. to 260 lb.

Next, determine which kind of paddle is right for you. A full length carbon paddle is the most lightweight and will give you the best performance experience. To figure out the correct length, the paddle should be 8” longer than your height. If you’ll be sharing the paddle board with other family members, then look for a paddle that has adjustable length.

Once you’ve determined the size of board and paddle that you’ll need, do a little research on the retailers that carry the right size SUP boards for sale.  Look for a company that offers wholesale pricing for everyone and a flat shipping rate. Also look for extras, for instance, when you buy a paddle, you’ll receive a discount on the price of shipping. Of course, also look for a variety of paddle boards available, too. Finally, the retailer and the brand should have a good reputation for delivering the best products with the utmost regard for customer service satisfaction. 

Choose an environmentally-sound stand up paddle board company. Many SUP support an eco-friendly production of the goods that will benefit everyone.  However, Elixir Board Co is a member of 1% for the Planet and contributes to environmental cleanup projects. Elixir Board Co carries SUP boards that good for your body, and the company is environmentally responsible. Find out more information about their fine line of SUP boards for sale at

Joseph Herrera lives in Frisco, Texas with his girlfriend and two dogs. His interests include auto mechanics, racing and football. He often writes about developments in the water activity industry, including stand up paddle boarding. He is a resource about Elixir Board Co., a leading stand up paddle Board Company found at



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