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Resources available on Internet for Administrators

by Rkkashyap

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As an administrators, you have a big responsibility of an entire system, everybody depends on you. You are always required to upgrade yourself with the new technologies. You might be reading lot of stuff from books, with that Internet is also one of the biggest resources of valuable information.

Websites of Interest to Administrators – This is the official website of Red Hat company, here you can find the latest version of the kernel, application software and patches. You get lot of information stuff her, regarding the history and future aspects of the Linux system. On the site you get the information about the various products – Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ads-on, Cloud computing, virtualization, JBoss, Middleware, MRG, Storage Server and Identity Management.

You can purchase or download the free version of the Red Linux from this site. On the site you will find the two different versions of the operating system, one for the servers and other for the client computers. Red Hat Linux has come with great Graphical user interface to provide the comfort and convenience to the client users. Installation of the client version is also made user-friendly and very easy. The efforts of the Red Hat Linux have made the operating system easier to use and now the company is moving ahead in the competition.

Red Hat Linux do take care of security issues on time, making its server product being widely used on the server machines. Bad reputation is now changing to the good reputation and Linux enthusiasts are very happy with that. – Here you can find the latest versions of the Linux kernel for download. The latest available kernel is 3.10. If you are interested in finding which kernel version is there in your machine, you can use the following command:

uname –r

The Linux kernel version is designated of using three numbers as follows:

  • The first number indicates significant kernel changes

  • The second number indicates slight changes. The number also tells, whether Kernel is stable version or in testing phase. Even number indicates that the kernel has undergone through testing phase and is stable. An odd number means kernel version is in testing stage and stable operation is not guaranteed.

  • The build number indicates the release number.

Kernel developers do provided the support, only if your Linux distributor is hosted with Kernel.

It is the kernel only which does all the control functions, whether it is memory control or control of resources or various hardware components. It is always advisable to upgrade your operating system kernel from time to time. Updating kernel will provide new capabilities to the machine as well as fix bugs and does the patch wherever needed. Thus overall efficiency of the system is increased after the up gradation. – It provides information about the latest vulnerabilities in the Linux and how we can fix that. You can find one of the biggest security communities available on the Internet. The most popular focuses on the website related to security are – Bugtraq, Microsoft, Forensics, Honeypots, Log Analysis, Apple, virus, forensics Spanish, IDS, penetrating testing. – It also do provide the information about the security of the system. – You can find the articles, vulnerability information and free software’s on this site. – provides the friendly distribution of SUSE Linux. – you can find information on how to run windows programs on Linux – It is official site of Debian Linux distribution. One of the dependable distribution of the Linux can be found here, on this site. They are more oriented towards the server version. – It is official site of Slackware Linux distribution. It is one of the oldest and most difficult distributions for home users. Most of the operations are being carried in text mode and it is also not easy to install. KDE or GNOME graphical interfaces can be installed on it for make the things easier.

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