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Design Awesome Business Cards by Using the Spot UV Technique

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Today, the world of business is harsh and dynamic; you have to excel in your industry in order to be noticed. Offering unique business cards is one way of opening up opportunities. Creative card-making companies in Arizona can make exclusive cards for you. When you customize your cards, it may cost you a little more than generic ones; however, you will achieve your purpose and the recipient will most likely keep it.

Creating the First Impression

When you try to draw potential customers, the first impression matters; therefore, unique business cards can create lasting business partnerships. You will undoubtedly gain appreciation if it has a certain degree of professionalism; for this, you should select superior quality paper, ink and typefaces. Your creativity and suggestions from a graphic designer can go a long way in making an ideal card. A lasting impression can be created with a visually appealing design, your logo and good color schemes. When recipients hold your card, they should feel the letter-pressed paper or embossed metal that will make it look and feel special. Don’t clutter information; non-critical or supplemental information can be placed at the back.

Special Cards

What makes something special? Much of it lies in making visual contrasts and if you want to create special effects on your card, you have to focus on its exclusivity. Spot UV business cards have this distinctive effect. These cards have the shiny UV coating applied to specific spots thereby creating layer masks on the image or print that you want to highlight. In this way you are able to focus on those elements that are important to the client. Additionally, it produces a tactile or textual contrast that recipients can feel. You will be able to create an effect that has the softness of matte together with the silky sensation of gloss. The outcome is superb elegance on printed material.

Useful Ideas for Spot UV cards

While making Spot UV business cards, you have the advantage of being creative. It can be very effective when you have a black background with watermarks of exclusive designs. Laminate and spot gloss can produce the best impact. A watermark on the top portion of your logo will create a conspicuous look. It produces a delicate subtle effect which will be all the more striking on a dark-colored background. Never have the ultra-violet gloss over small print; its impact is reduced and you will not get the desired result. Graphic designers use this technique as it is a classic example of ingenuity.

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