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Consulting Experts on Data Recovery in Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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In the world of computers, the hard disk drive (HDD) stores all your documents, photos, videos, and even software. With its high storage capacities, storing information has been made easy. However, accidentally deleting them can happen just as fast, and unless you have a backup, these may be lost forever. Luckily, there are services that offer effective data recovery in Los Angeles, especially for companies in this global city.

The Five Components

The HDD has four basic components: case, platters, drive motor, drive heads, and logic board. When information is to be stored, it passes through the logic board. The drive motor then begins spinning the platters, and the drive heads start writing on the platters. All the parts are put inside a case that protects it from shock, dirt, and dust.

Data that is translated into binary code is converted into north magnetic polarizations. The drive heads are made of two parts: the reader and writer. The writer magnetizes the bits found inside the platter with either north facing up or north facing down. This is what the reader sees as binary code. When Information is to be reviewed by the user, the reader would look for the sectors where information is magnetized, and the logic board pieces them back together.

Deleted Files

When data is being written, information is assigned to sectors that would be labeled as “unavailable.” During a deletion, the label of the sector changed to “available,” but the magnetization of the bits remains the same. Data recovery, then works by finding the previously deleted sectors and puts them back together. Chances for data recovery for deleted files are high, unless they have been overwritten with new data. However, corrupted data is a different story.

Corrupted Data

There are many causes for data corruption, but one of the most common is a “head crash.” The drive head is supposed to hover above the platter to avoid wear and tear since some platters are susceptible to damage. If the head crashes on the platter, it may etch off some of the platter's surface causing the files to be corrupted.

The lesson to be learned here is that data should always be backed up in different places. Often times, data backup may be offered by experts in data recovery in Los Angeles. To find out more about how information storage works, visit the following links: and

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