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Reasons For A Window Repair

by novasparks101

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A broken window can be totally frustrating to some but can barely scratch other’s concern. Whatever our initial reaction is, the next action is always to act upon it. We don’t really analyze why. We just do. It’s human instincts. However, just out of curiosity (and lack of better things to do with my time), I have come up with the most pressing reasons. If you don’t have anything to do either. You are more than welcome to read on.

Because your house needs it

Come on. Your house is your identity inside your community. What will your neighbors think (and say) if you leave a broken window unattended? I know that all of us do not want to be judged based on our appearances alone. That is why most of us try very hard to fit in. that is not always the best choice, but we end up doing it anyway. Some people’s initial reaction when such a thing as a broken window happens is something like, “Oh no! What will people say?” Apparently, this is one of the most overused reactions to a lot of different issues.

Because you need to protect your reputation

You know what they say. Reputations take a long time (some even years) to build and just moments to destroy. If you have live the past years of your life in the suburbs making your house one of the best homes in your community, you have the creative obligation to continue that social standing. One broken window can change everything. This may seem like a paranoid thought, but we will never know about such situations (and people’s personalities), right?

Because it will be dangerous if you have children

A broken window is obviously a safety risk. If you have little children, you have to deal with it right away. Children are unpredictable and clumsy. Besides, you can’t keep your eyes glued to them at every moment of the day. The most efficient thing you can do is to fix your window. We have to put our family’s safety above everything else. Even if it will save you more money to just leave that window broken, we all know that your moral obligation will not allow you to take the easier way out. Your family’s safety is worth everything.

Because you value your safety and privacy

Yes. Call me a nagger, but I just have to emphasize the value of your family’s safety and privacy. This is not even about broken glass or height issues anymore. This is about protecting your home from any evil lurking outside it. There are stalkers, robbers, murderers, psychopaths freely roaming the world outside. You don’t really want to invite them into your house with small opening, do you?

Of course, we realize all these. That is why we always go out of our way to replace every broken thing inside and around our home that may jeopardize our safety and identity. This made me realize that nothing drives a man to act more than fear--be it physical, emotional or mental feat eating the back of our heads.

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