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Risks that Call for Reliable LA Data Recovery Services

by rubybadcoe

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The Great Blackout of 2011 crippled Los Angeles for more than 11 hours. The suddenness of this incident illustrates why data recovery in LA is important for local businesses; after all, a blackout can corrupt or even wipe out digital files essential for day-to-day operations. However, power outages are just one of many things businesses must consider in any data recovery strategy:

Natural Calamities

Mother Nature can unleash her wrath in a number of ways. Fires, the most dangerous threat to businesses in Los Angeles, are especially prevalent during the summer months. On average, about 900,000 acres of California land are consumed by brush fires resulting from scorching temperatures, errant sparks from unextinguished cigarettes, or even arson.

Earthquakes are also quite common in Los Angeles since the city is situated near the San Andreas fault. A devastating magnitude 6.0 earthquake can cause serious damage to most structures and thereby threaten the safety of servers as well as storage units. Even a 4.0 earthquake can disrupt businesses by damaging power lines, creating another blackout and leading to potential data loss.

Human Error

When it comes to protecting data, poor organization and management of digital files is a definite no-no. Simply failing to save a file after working on it or neglecting to log out properly from a network may also lead to irreversible data loss. Since it can be very difficult to gauge the impact of human error, any data recovery plan must incorporate a thorough risk assessment so that all personnel are made aware of possible data loss scenarios.


Online theft or trespassing can also lead to data loss, especially if important files were compromised. LA data recovery experts can help ensure that duplicates are properly maintained at secure off-site servers. That way, a business can retrieve the necessary files and overwrite the compromised versions to enable quick resumption of business operations.

Running a business entails plenty of risks, and the same can be said about having a variety of digital files necessary for daily business operations. After all, a major blackout isn't the only thing businesses should be worried about. For more information on how risks are assessed in a data recovery plan, visit computerate/feature/Disaster-recovery-Risk-assessment-and-business-impact-analysis.

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