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County Government Office of Pingyao

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1. County Government Office (West)

On the west side of the County Government Office, there is a county prison. The prison includes male and female prisons for both civil and homicide cases. The Department of Supervision is on the north of the prison, being a place for the official of the prisons like living and dinning area. Temple of Ten and Temple of Horse are also located on the west side of the County Government Office, but unfortunately I miss it during my visit. There is a empty square right outside the prison, I believe it was the exercise place for the prisoners.

2. County Government Office (Central)

Pingyao County Government Office (must-see for your popular China tours in Pingyao) is located on the middle of Zhenfujie Street. This is the biggest attraction in ancient Pingyao City. This 26,600 square meters government office compound was built in symmetrical layout. On the main axis includes The Gate, The Ceremonial Gate, The Court Hall Complex, The entryway to a large old style house, The Civil Court, and The County Magistrate's Residence. On west side of the office compound includes a county prison and the Department of supervision. On east side of the office compound includes a garden with Flower Hall, Grain Hall, Chess Pavilion, Song Dynasty Well.

The Gate: It is also called " Yamen 衙门 " in Chinese. It is facing South with a screen wall opposite it. It played an important role in exorcising evil spirits. The gate has a Fengshui Tower on the east and was a theater tower on the west.

In Chinese: 大门 (Da Men)

The Ceremonial Gate: This gate was usually closed, only used when there was a ceremonial of welcoming new high ranking official to the office or special events. There were two side gates on each sides, the eastern door was the one normally used, the western door was for those condemned to death.

In Chinese: 仪门 (Yi Men)

The Court Hall Complex: Facing South, this Ming Dynasty building was the principal building at the government office complex and served as the courtroom where important cases, including homicides were tried by the county magistrate and major activities were held which can be seen for your top 10 China tour packages.

In Chinese: 大堂 (Da Tang)

The Entryway to Magistrate's Residence: No outsider allowed to enter this door. There was a "Doorman" who was responsible to pass legal documents, letters, and other items to the magistrate through this entryway.

In Chinese: 宅门 (Zhai Men)

The Civil Court: The county magistrate worked and mediated civil disputes in this Ming Dynasty building. The east side held the secretary room and records room is on the west. The secretary's office handled the county magistrate's correspondence, names cards, and invitations The records office kept track of documents, letters, and files regarding judicial lawsuits.

In Chinese: 二堂 (Er Tang)

The County Magistrate's Residence: The main room is his bedroom, meeting room and study room. There are living halls and guest rooms on east and west side of the courtyard. On the normal day, he was the only one who stayed here. Based on the rule in Qing Dynasty, magistrate did not allow to stay here with his family.

In Chinese: 内宅 (Nei Zhai)

The Tower of the Fox Immortal: It was built during Yuan Dynasty. The Fox Immortal was celestial being who protected the official seat.

3. County Government Office (East)

I passed through a narrow ally to the East of County Government Office. Basically, it is a garden with Chest Pavilion, Flower Hall, Grain Hall, and a Song Dynasty Well. The Song Dynasty Well is interesting as it was dug early in the Song Dynasty. The inscription above it was destroyed during war. It is said that a common carp once appeared here.

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