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In Birmingham Adoption Service Offers Meeting Of Parents

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Birmingham adoption service brings together mother and adoptive parents to meet both their demands of one discarding the child and the other wanting to have one.

Adoption service is in the noble business of bringing the birth mother of unwanted child to the adoptive parents. The mother has the full authority to decide on the adoptive parents. The birth father has very little say in the whole process but his consent is also needed to complete the legal proceedings of adoption. Sometimes the adoptive parents specify the ethnic community from which they want to adopt the child and the services find the right match for them. The adoptive parents decide whether or not the child will be allowed to meet with birth parents to understand his/her biological resemblance to a culture and heritage. Adoption is a charitable work that the adoption agencies take up to make a better society of men and women.

Any adult can be an adoptive parent. But the birth mother has to select the right adoptive parents for the child’s adoption. In this case adoption service comes to the rescue of both parties. They bring together the mother of an unintended pregnancy and the prospective adoptive parents match their needs and want of the child; disclose the medical records of the birth parents for future medical references of the child. However the grandparents of the child do not have a say in this process but are referred for certain inputs on the adoptive parents. The adoption service enables both parties in all proceedings and filing of paperwork to legalize the process.
An interview is scheduled for both parties who discuss their situations and agree on the delivery time, adoption process, and birth mother’s intention to contact the child or hold the child after birth among many other things. If the adoptive parents are non-related to the birth mother the adoption service sends concerned inspector to the adoptive parents’ house for survey and to understand its ability to welcome a child. It is up to the adoptive parents to sign the papers consent that birth parents’ visitation rights to the child.

The adoption process is initiated by the adoptive parents who make an application to the concerned Birmingham Adoption Service for their need to adopt a child. The services bring together the birth mother and the adoptive parents. After a series of interviews and on consent of both parties the adoption process is started. The cost of adoption includes the agency services, legal services and any other expenses the adoptive parents agree to bear for the birth mother. The costs vary from $7,000- $30,000 based on the coverage. In Birmingham the rates of adoption are reasonable and affordable.

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