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I Can’t Maintain Erection During Sex With My Partner

by jerameysmith

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The proper functioning of the male reproductive organ is mostly dependent on the blood vessels which run through it. Men get erections when blood fills up in these vessels. Therefore, you must understand that the main reason a man can't maintain erections is because of poor blood flow to the reproductive organ. Since the size of the organ is determined by the amount of blood that flows to it, without proper blood flow, men can't maintain erections.

Most men already know that they cannot maintain a healthy relationship with the opposite gender if they can't perform well in the bedroom. If they can't maintain erections, performing in the bedroom is out of the question. In some cases this may ruin a man's confidence or frustrate him. Self-esteem too takes a hit if a man can't maintain erections.

Erectile dysfunction is, in fact, a very common problem among men today. As age increases, the risk of erectile dysfunction increases as well. When a man can't maintain erections, he is said to be suffering from erectile dysfunction. It is suggested that more than 25% of men in the world today have suffered from erectile dysfunction at some point in their life.

In some cases, these erection problems are just temporary and can be caused by factors such as depression or stress. In these cases, no special treatment is required. Rest and proper relaxation is good enough to get rid of temporary erectile dysfunction. But, if erection problems are faced over a longer period of time it may become a much bigger issue. The inability to perform in the bedroom can lead to severe depression and low self-esteem which is not recommended for any man. Below are some of the signs of erectile dysfunction for your reference:-

1. You may be suffering from erectile dysfunction if you cannot achieve an erection when you want not matter how hard you try.

2. You may also be suffering from erectile dysfunction if you cannot maintain an erection for even a couple of minutes or until the sexual act is complete. 

3. The third sign of erectile dysfunction is when your reproductive organ isn't hard enough to pleasure the female partner during sexual intercourse.

4. Each of these problems is quite dangerous and if not dealt with properly and in time could have severe consequences. 

Most men feel that the best way to combat erection dysfunction is to consume artificial supplements. They could never be more wrong. The biggest issue with artificial supplements is that they have many harmful side effects. Instead, they should try herbal supplements and treatments such as Bluze capsules and Mast Mood oil. Since these supplements and treatments are natural, they are safe as well and have no side effects. 

When you can get the same results without any of the side effects why would you go anywhere else anyway? When combined with proper exercise and diet, herbal supplements can prove to be the most effective cure for erectile dysfunction available today.

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