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LED Candle lights

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LED Candle Lights The Latest Technology In The World Of Lighting

In comparison to the incandescent bulbs, the LED bulbs last up to 40 times longer and also use 80% less energy than them. This is the reason why these bulbs are popularly known and used today. LED lights come in different forms and its candle version is known as one of the common ones. Yes, LED Candle lights are commonly used for general and decorative lighting in houses, offices etc. These are of excellent quality and contribute majorly towards environmental protection. LED lights are renowned not only for energy saving but for low power consumption and long life expectancy also.

These are more energy efficient than other incandescent and Halogen Lamps. These bulbs emit warm white light and pose 360°optic angle. The type of base used is E12 socket, which is also known as Candelabra base and the light source is high-power and high-brightness. This feature of LED candle bulbs has been adopted by some famous brands and therefore you can easily guarantee the lightness and color-show of these.

When we talk about the LED A19 Bulbs, these are equivalent to 40w LED bulb. It consumes just 9w of electricity and produces similar output as that of 40w incandescent light bulbs. Therefore, these bulbs are known as the energy saving lights. With a 25 times longer lifespan, these bulbs are ideal to be used as accent lighting in hotels, retailing shops and restaurants. Featuring the latest LED technology, these bulbs deliver instant full brightness of an INC or Halogen bulb. These are highly durable, blessed with a solid-state designing and there is no filament to break. Moreover, these bulbs do not consist of mercury and are produced in compliance with RoHS. In comparison to CFLs and incandescent bulbs, these are cooler to touch.

Another best thing about these bulbs is that these have a balanced light distribution. These have been designed in such a smart way that light spreads all around and not just at the top of the lampshade. It is the frosted glass of these bulbs that helps in proper balancing of light.

In comparison to other LED lights, the A19 bulb is an innovative bulb that has been produced with a fundamental unique design approach. This enables the bulb to maintain a high-performance along with a cost-effective lighting solution. Following are a few features of A19 LED bulbs:

  • These are attractive with an output of soft white light
  • Features a traditional, omnidirectional light output
  • Poses superior reliability
  • Have a broader dimmer compatibility
  • Follows advanced thermal management

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