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Construction Hard Hats: Mandatory Safety requirement

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The history of hard hats goes back a 100 years ago when Bullard manufactured personal protective equipment. In the construction industry there was no protective gear, with the advent and recognition of safety measure the concept of construction of Hard Hats came into existence. It was mainly used by miners. Bullard in collaboration with the engineers set out to design a helmet to protect the employers head from the impact of falling objects. Hence the mining helmet was transformed to a Construction Hard Hat.

Construction Hard hats are durable and effective. They could be used in bad weather and in hazardous conditions and for electrical purpose. Fibreglass was soon replaced by thermoplastic because of the economical cost factor and the fact that the hat was heat resistant. Hard hats could be accessorized with sun visors, face shields, attachments to ear and neck, hearing protection, cameras, pagers, radios and perspiration absorbing material lining the hat makes it wearable in extreme climatic conditions.

These hard hats can be attached with labels, engraved with graphics, wording, letterhead and logo. This makes the workers proud of being part of a good organisation. Advertising for the company is effortless and very useful or when demolition or any related type of site is there, hard hats are the order of the day for employees. Construction hard hats have a rigid shell that resists and deflects blows to the head. A suspension system acts as a shock absorber. Some hats serve as an insulator against electric shocks. The gear shields your scalp, neck shoulders against splashes, drips and spills. Some hard hats are modified to add goggles, hoods and hearing equipment.

Prevention of head injury is important in every safety program. There are different types of head gear. C lass A are for mainly mining, ship construction, lumbering and manufacturing. Class B is for electrical work, they protect against high voltage shock and burns. Class 3 are for comfort and light weight. Full brim hard hat are a popular accessory when it comes to protecting the head. A full brim hat has a brim around it that protects the person from sunlight hitting their face. These are good for people who work outside all day. Some hats have insulation against electrical shocks. Employers require supplying head protection especially when workers have to work around objects such as pipes.

Full Brim hard hats are an essential part of safety equipment. For employers who put safety first and their liability is greatly reduced. The full Brim Hard hat is used most commonly and it is designed to give extra protection from the sun. It is manufactured out of high density polyethylene. They come in various colours such as red, blue, black and yellow. This is an invention to protect your head from falling objects, from harsh weather conditions and hazardous material. Safety on the job is of course of utmost importance to employers and workers alike. One of the ways of protection himself or herself is for the employee to wear Full Brim hats or Construction Hats to protect their heads from getting injured.

Hilman Jhon is USA Author. He provides national distributor and online supercenter of safety supplies,janitorial supplies and shop and warehouse equipment.He has applied his knowledge and understanding to a wide variety of Construction hard hats and Full brim hard hats.

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