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The Rich history of engagement rings!

by simongjewelry

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Engagement rings have a long history and tradition. They have evolved over the years and at present are available in different Styles, designs and patterns. With such a huge choice available one is sure to get what they are looking for. So go ahead and choose a ring for your partner that matches your relationship comfortabiliy and express to the world how much you love and cherish your partner.

The concept of engagement rings is not new. It is an age old tradition where the couples exchange rings amongst themselves in a ceremony attended by family and friends. In the beginning of this custom, which was started mainly by the Romans and the Egyptians, the rings that were exchanged were made up of lead or copper. These rings were circular in shape without any elaborate designs or stone encrustations. One used to exchange this ring in order to make it prominent that he was betrothed to a particular person. As and when men made progress this ceremony also gained importance and now many other features have added itself to the entire concept.

In comparison to its beginning, engagement rings are nowadays available in different types of metals. These metals are not only highly durable but also hypoallergenic. The rings made out of this metal are meant for regular wear and they do not scratch easily. Some of the popular metals include gold in its many variations such as yellow, white and even rose besides platinum, palladium, titanium and even tungsten carbide. The availability of different metals has made it possible to choose any one as per their preference and liking. As a result one can opt for any metal as long as it matches their personality and is an extension of their relationship.

Earlier the concept of jewelry design was not prevalent in engagement rings. It used to be a simple circular ring made up of the prevalent metal of that period. But nowadays these rings are available in different designs. By jewelry design we normally mean the skills and creativity level of the artisans. After all it is them who create these rings using their creativity and imagination. They constantly update themselves on the recent trends and style so that they can incorporate these ideas in their creations. The final product that is displayed in jewelry stores is a child of their labor and dedication. An beautiful looking ring with intricate work or offbeat designs is a hallmark of the craftsmanship level of the designers.

Some of the popular and well known jewelry stores provide their customers with the option of customization. Simon G is one such jewelry house. Their in house jewelry designers provide their patrons and clients to customize the engagement rings as per their specifications. Hence, one can select the width of the ring, its diameter, size as well as the metal to be used. One can also tell the designer’s about their preferred gemstone that they would like to incorporate in their ring. Moreover one can also resize the ring so that it has a perfect fit otherwise the chances of the ring falling off increases.

So if you are planning to get engaged in the near future then you can check out the different collections of engagement rings online. Most of the jewelry houses have their online presence. Simon G too has made their online presence. One can check out the collections of ring before they actually visit the store and purchase the ring.

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