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Grease Traps – Do You Know Their Functioning?

by aquamundus

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The working of the grease traps is much simpler than you think. It is a simple process in which the waste water passes through the traps or specially designed separators that can keep the waste products or the FOG content with them and leave the waste to the main drainage system.

Here I will provide you a brief idea about the working and functioning of the grease trap. Basically, the device starts working by practically capturing almost everything that passes it to the drain. The content that is included in the waste water includes water, grease, and various other solid and liquid substances. This device consists of two separation basins. The first basin is used for the purpose of the filling all the stuff which is drained from the kitchen sink. Here the stuff is cooled because on many occasions people just throw away anything to their sink especially the hot products which are very harmful for your pipes.

After the process of cooling it becomes solid and the grease floats over the top and the liquid settles down on the first basin. Thereafter, the same process is repeated again and again inside the grease traps. Towards the base of the first basin there is a tube which permits all the liquid matter to flow into the second basin. However, the second basin is used for trapping other added grease that may have escaped through the first basin and after that the same process is repeated. Therefore, you should clean the grease trap on a regular basis for the best output.

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