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GP Las Vegas - Sleep-In with No Byes

by nfang

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  • 2
Split Player DCI
White A, Drew 6223841467
White J, Philip 8208208602
White N, Adam 8300382925
Blue D,   Joshua 2208489914
Blue F, Max 2209358414
Red c, tony 1300254437
Red r, arnie 2102880774
Red T, Brian 2223946276
Green E, Ryan 8030712216
Green J, Nicholas 6101670511
Green K, Naoki 7060150999
Green M, Randy 1206809410
Green T, Spencer 3102241426


  • nfang
    Already done. As far as a refund, you'll have to speak to the TO.
  • DrewAlden
    I bought the sleep in special without the knowledge that I needed byes to actually use it so I would appreciate it if I could be placed back in the players conference I don't care too much about getting a refund for it as long as I can not miss my deck building time. Thanks for reading this if you do in time.

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