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Custom Art Providing Sustenance

by anonymous

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Life of an artist is often stacked with struggle, hardships and toils. It is quite rare that a painter gets his or her deserved share of recognition and respect in his/her lifetime. As an artist – it so often happens – an individual has to spent almost all his/her lifetime living on a strict budget. However, this hardship proves insufficient enough to make the profession of a painter or a sculptor less attractive to the young aspirants. The joy and satisfaction involved with creative art cannot be compared with any other worldly aspects. However, sustenance is necessary from the aspect of reality. Hence, young artists have to find means of survival, so that they get the chance of finishing the canvas of their dream.

At this juncture, customized orders for various kinds of artwork come to help the young and budding artists. Customized art forms fetch some quick buck of sustenance for all struggling artists. In fact, all great forms of art are examples of customized art in one way or the other. Most of these great art forms were commissioned by the great maestros on the request of their opulent patrons. In fact, back in the bygone era, only the rich and the powerful nobles could request the commissioning of an art work. Mostly, members of the royalty and their noble counterparts could request such a commissioning. Every US president, right after from George Washington, has to sit for a portrait, right within the White House. Even in the medieval age, the Medici family of Florence earned ample reputation as the patron and vanguard of many contemporary art works.

The aspects of all conventional forms of art maintain a steady flow of consistency, down the ages. Frescos on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican were commissioned by His Holiness the Pope Julius II. Michelangelo, one of the most prolific painters of the Renaissance era, worked for years together to create this spellbound art form, strictly on papal request. Most of the patrons used to commission the artworks for gaining either political prominence or for social status. The Roman Catholic Church has substantial contribution in bringing many ageless art forms into existence. As a stark continuity of this historic heritage, customized art is still a relevant concept in the contemporary times. Lots of patrons, as well as artists, who work on customized requests. However, there is striking contrast to this aspect, with respect to that of the historical times. In the historic days, only the royals and the nobles used to commission artists. In the present times, even a commoner can request for specific custom art piece and can expect to get the delivery by the stipulated time.

Many online galleries facilitate this trade. In fact, the concept of wholesale art has become a common phenomenon in the recent times. These approaches are providing bread and butter to a large number of struggling but talented artists. Scores of customers, on the other hand, are similarly being benefitted as well. They are being supplied with an impressive quality of art work at a much better bargain.  

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