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How To Take Proper Care Of Your Circle Lenses

by NiiyaToshiyuki

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Anyone can have the big eyes circle lens brings. In fact, these cosmetic contacts are sweeping the nation as a unique way to change your features. While you may have been born with brown, green, gray, or blue eyes, you certainly aren’t limited to that eye color. The big eyes contact lenses create are larger-than-life. They enhance the appearance of your eye by augmenting the diameter of your iris. You can also get them in different colors to flatter your features even more. These fashionable contact lenses are available in prescription and non-prescription strengths depending on your personal vision requirements. Since they are being inserted into your eye, however, it is important to understand some basic safety tips when it comes to wearing cosmetic contact lenses.

Never leave your circle lenses in while sleeping. When you don’t take your contacts out at night, your eyes may develop corneal neovascularization. This occurs because the eye does not receive enough essential oxygen. You may even experience symptoms such as redness, light sensitivity, and eye pain. These are all indicative of a corneal ulcer. Although you may enjoy having big eyes circle lens brings, be sure to take them out every night and allow your eyes to breathe.

Avoid swimming with your circle lenses in. The choline in the pool can ruin your contacts, and cause excessive irritation in your eyes as well. Since circle lenses are customized to fit your specific eye dimensions, never share your contacts with another person. Sharing contacts will increase the spread of bacteria and infection.

If you want big eyes contact lenses can create, it is essential to keep them clean. Although you may be in a situation where you don’t have any multipurpose solution handy, never use tap water to clean or rinse your lenses. Tap water contains minerals and other irritants that may disturb your eye. It can also increase unwanted protein buildup on your contacts. Try carrying a small traveler’s bottle of multipurpose solution in your bag so that you will never be left without.

In order to avoid getting makeup on your contacts, put your lenses in before putting on your cosmetics, and then remove your makeup after removing your contacts. Avoid touching your eyes altogether unless you wash your hands first. It is extremely easy to get oil, lotion, or fragrance on your contacts that may cause irritation to your eyes.

You can have gorgeous big eyes circle lens can create. Customize your circle lenses to match your favorite outfit or your unique personality. By taking proper care of your lenses, you can have healthy eyes while making a fashion statement.

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