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How is Ruby on Rails different from ASP.NET

by anonymous

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Developers are now facilitated with numerous ways to do programming online; there are over 2500 different types of computer programming languages. Some of them are older than the others and some are more popular than the others. Ruby on Rails and are some of those distinct programming languages. This article will be primarily focusing on the differences and advantages of Ruby on rails and

First of all, Ruby on Rails offers a link to remote option. In many cases developers consider Ruby on Rails to be a better programming language than others. It is fast, easier to work with, fairly straight configurations if the developers are sure what they want. Besides that it has a support of a huge developer’s community and is one of the programming languages where every aspect of development seamlessly fits together. One of the primary drawbacks of Ruby on Rails is that, it doesn’t work well with the windows operating system, even if it is facilitated with good framework option. It is best compatible with Linux. But it has become one of the major problems for the developers as they would prefer to have option for both Windows and Linux.

As far as ASP.NET is concerned, developers enjoy the benefits of Visual Studio. It is a very mature environment and is a technological experience in itself. It offers a superb debugger program to the developers.  Visual Studio has been in the application industry for a long time and has a really poor documentation. It can be an issue especially for new .NET developers.  Above all, ASP has a high cost of ownership. It involves a lot of investment from companies and business. Also hiring .Net developers are more expensive than other developers.  ASP.NET also features Model View Controller architecture but it is considered as not much help to the developers and is often noted as being “less than stellar”. Ruby on Rails is built upon the principle of MVC architecture, which the programmers must use to develop Ruby applications. Even if it forces MVC on the developers it actually works just fine whereas it is an optional nightmare in ASP.NET.  In the end the preference of the programming language depends on the developers and the programmers companies hire to build their web apps or platform.

For developers who are willing to learn programming from scratch, Ruby on Rails could be a better option for them as they are facilitated with a huge documentation and is supported by a wide developers’ community who can assist new developers in troubleshooting application issues. New ASP.NET developers can also avail numerous tutorials from the web for assistance. There are a number of websites that provide free jQuery tutorials, ASP and CSS tutorials. These tutorials are either written documents or could be in the form of sample codes and videos.

ROR Development  on the other hand is the most preferred web app development platform because of its convenient programming principles and being an open source it facilitates to minimize development investments. After all world’s some of the most popular websites are developed using Ruby on Rails.

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