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Traditional Australian Wedding Reception Speeches and Toasts

by conallbrendon

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In some ways, a traditional Australian wedding reception would not be complete without a line-up of toasts speeches. These are often looked forward to as a highlight of the celebrations. You can either opt for a staggered line-up, or alternatively have all the speeches in succession one after the other.

If you are planning a traditional wedding reception, you will probably want to arrange a line-up of toasts and speeches for the occasion. In many ways, wedding toasts and speeches are the highlight of a traditional wedding reception. When there are several speakers in a line-up, this type of event is easy to arrange around a sit-down meal.

Each speaker can deliver a toast before the first course is served, after each course is eaten, and after the dessert. If there are lots of people speaking on your wedding day, you can add extra courses such as coffee and cheeses, or chocolate dipped strawberries. Alternatively, consider adding a light fish course after the starter.

Planning Your Wedding Speeches and Toasts Line-up

You will want to give some thought to how you want your event to run in terms of how many speakers you have, and who should speak. For example, some couples choose a format where all the speeches are given at once, in succession. Others opt for a more staggered approach, where toasts are delivered in between the courses.

While planning your line-up, schedule in the time for each toast. Remember to allow plenty of time for each person to be ushered into position before speaking. You can ask the venue manager or master of ceremonies to usher each person to the microphone when it is their turn. When you have your line-up drafted out, send a copy to each speaker. Let the venue manager know the running order you decide on.

Things to Avoid

Although it is traditional for the best man to make a speech at a wedding reception, not all best men are confident speakers in front of a large audience. If one person is not going to be comfortable speaking at your reception, the best thing to do is to allow someone more confident to speak instead. If the bride’s mother is an excellent public speaker, then why not allow her to give a toast. Lastly, never leave making your schedule until the last minute.

Traditional Australian Wedding Reception Venues

If you are getting married in the Melbourne area, there is a selection of different reception venues to choose from. Reception venues in Melbourne range from chic and modern, to historic and opulent. Ascot House is a magnificent Victorian mansion house and premier venue for weddings and receptions. The catering team can create a variety of tempting traditional Australian dishes. For the more adventurous diner, international cuisine offers a tempting alternative.

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