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Smoking without the Smoke Using the Electronic Cigarette

by anonymous

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What is the electronic cigarette? Perhaps you have gone shopping and seen a display in a store for these Maybe you have heard them mentioned on television or online. Is the electronic cigarette an app for your phone or tablet? Is it a toy? Is it a smoking cessation aid?

First they are an app for your phone or tablet, nor they a toy or entertainment device. In fact despite the high tech sounding name the electronic cigarette is still a cigarette, and contain the same ingredients as a regular cigarette. The only difference is that the electronic cigarette is smokeless, odorless, and produces no ashes or embers. It is essentially smoking without the smoke.

Some people looking to quit or cut back on smoking may use the electronic cigarette as a cessation aid, but this is not their purpose. Again they contain the same ingredients that are found in a regular cigarette including nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Using the electronic cigarette will not necessarily help someone to quit smoking, unless they also take additional measures to cut back or quit smoking, such as by using a cessation aid.

Why use the electronic cigarette? If you already smoke then this is a great alternative to a regular cigarette. Since they do not have any ash or embers there is no need to worry about having an ashtrays in your house, or taking one with you when you do are. There are no embers or sparks with the electronic cigarette, which means there is no risk of potentially causing a fire the way a regular cigarette might.

The fact that there are no embers or sparks with the electronic cigarette is not only a good factor in regards to safety, but is also good environmentally. Since they are ash free the electronic cigarette does not need to be discarded in an ashtray, and reduce the number of used cigarette butts found on the ground; a plus for the environment. They do still need to be disposed of properly in garbage after use.

The electronic cigarette does not have smoke and nor does it contain the odors many nonsmokers will attest normal cigarettes have. You can use them in your home and your non-smoking family, friends, and guests will not be bothered because there is no odor. Aside from the odor regular cigarettes can also leave yellowing stains on teeth, fingertips, and even on the walls of homes and buildings. With the electronic cigarette there are no stains to worry about making them perfect for many different environments.

It is important to remember the electronic cigarette still contains nicotine and many other ingredients as a regular cigarette. They are still illegal to sell to or be used by minors, and they are still subjected to smoking bylaws (even though they are smokeless). It is important that you follow any local laws and legislations on smoking. However for adults who already smoke using the electronic cigarette, in their personal home and other designated smoking areas; these are indeed the cigarette of the future.

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