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Promoting Your Junk Car Company

by stellalewis101

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If you are a struggling business in Northern Virginia, can a simple “we buy junk cars” tagline pull you up from the dumps of oblivion? I am sorry. That may have come out as a bit of an exaggeration. However, in every overstatement, there is always some truth to it. Is there not? I mean, this is Northern Virginia we are talking about here. By now, you might already have known that yours is not the only junk car company around. If your only promotion is a simple sign outside your shop, that will not bring you anywhere.

You will not get more clients no matter how good your services and offers are. Not, if you do not start moving and do some planning. Let me tell you. What you need here is some strategic, practical marketing plan. You know what? That simple “we buy junk cars” tagline can thrive if you place it in appropriate locations. Let’s say you place an ad every now and then in the local paper. But think about this. How many people actually take the time to read newspapers these days? Well, surely not as much as the ones reading the news online. Heck, the social media savvy don’t even bother reading online papers. They just open their Twitter accounts, and they can get whatever news they need to know.

That is how the world works now, my friend. As mentioned earlier, your “we buy junk cars” tagline can work, given the right placement. By now, you should have guessed at what I am hinting. Yes, place you brand on the Internet. And I am not just talking about a simple Website. I am saying you invade whatever social media network you believe might be beneficial for your brand--Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. The list goes on. Just make sure that you can maintain that particular social networking site once you have entered it. A brand page is nothing without content. If you can’t promise to maintain such sites, I suggest you only stick with the most popular. My money is on Facebook and Twitter. I tell you. These two are the hottest spots for social media marketing now.

Now, back to your marketing slogan. Your “we buy junk cars” tagline will stand out in your Website, given the right design and typography. That will work. However, it will not hurt if you pick your mind (and that of your employees for that matter) and come up with more taglines. The more convincing they are the better. You do not want to come out as boring and witless to your clients and subscribers now, do you? I mean, there is nothing wrong with the “we buy junk cars” tagline. You just have to enhance it a bit. Better yet, support it with convincing (even witty) sub-taglines to make it more appealing. Social media marketing is the “in” method right now. If you want to be seen by prospective clients, this is where you should go. Of course, when you have earned enough money for more promotions, a decent billboard in your city’s highway is not a bad idea as well.

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