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Tips for cleaning your bathroom

by swethar

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Maintaining cleanliness of your bathroom is essential for maintaining health of your family. But, unfortunately, it’s one of the dirtiest corners of the house and as well, difficult to clean. Bathroom satins can be difficult to remove and time consuming.

Mostly, bathroom tiles and floor get stains from alkaline deposits. It rips shower wall, shower head and glass cabinets off their shine. These spots can be difficult to clean. But now, a variety of improved tile cleaners are available in the market that can help in removing difficult alkaline spots from the walls.

To clean shower walls mix a portion of the tile cleaner with three parts water and then with help of scouring pads wipe off the tiles in the bathroom. Scouring pads are soft and wouldn’t scratch the tiles. It will only remove the stains without damaging the tiles. Avoid acidic cleaners as they may erode the tiles and make them brittle and dull.  To prevent walls from getting water spots apply car wax on walls and doors. Tiles and glass are porous and the wax will bock those pours and will repel water. However, avoid applying the wax on the floor as it would make it slippery.

To keep the showerheads sparkling clean and to prevent soap foam from building wipe them down after every use. Switching to shower gel will eliminate the problem of deposit of soap scum. But the bathroom appliances may still need cleaning once a week. But this time the job will be simpler. Using citrus based cleaner on metallic shower appliances will make them sparkly clean.

Bathroom floor must be kept dry to avoid any accident. Silt building on the floor can make it slippery which is risky and can cause accidents. To eliminate chances of such undesirable incidents go through the routine of cleaning bathroom floor twice every month. To begin with, dust off the floor to remove dirt and dust with a floor cleaning brush. Then mix some of floor cleaning liquid in a bucket full of water. Rub the floor with it using a hard bristle floor cleaning brush.

Water sediment deposits around faucets and drain outlets. To clean them apply some disinfectant and warm water to dissolve stubborn sediments. Wait for an hour or two before cleaning them with a hard bristle brush. To clean sink faucets pour down some baking soda and some warm vinegar down the drain. Give it an hour or two before washing down with warm water.

Time to time give your bathroom complete soap water wash down. Mix a cup of liquid soap in water and wash down the walls, shower appliances, floor and cabinets. If molds have gathered around the roof start your bathroom cleaning regime from there. 

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