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Evaluating Common Features of Different Driveway Gate Design

by arunkumarbiswal

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Based on the design, size and usage of a property, its owner has options to choose from a variety of driveway gates. Along with the conventional driveway gate designs, you can also choose from the advanced and automatic driveway gate models. Also, the gate can be purchased from the local as well as online home improvement stores. But you must choose the right driveway gate for your home only after comparing the different models available in the market. It is also important to compare different gate designs available in the market based on a number of common features.

Power of the Gate Operator: The automatic gate operators enable users to open and close the driveway gates without getting out of their vehicles. Buy you must decide the right automatic gate openers design based on a number of criterions. Normally, the amount of power required by the gate operator is determined based on the weight of the gates. So you need to decide the size and style of the gates, and then measure their length and weight to decide the amount of power required to operate the gates smoothly.

Power Source: The automatic gates are operated through a motor that needs constant power supply. Based on your choice you can choose the electric as well as solar-powered driveway gates. Both types of gates come with similar features and functionalities. But the electric driveway gates will increase your monthly electricity bills. On the other hand, the solar-powered driveway gates come with solar panels. Once you install the panels, they will generate electricity by harnessing the solar energy. Further, you can store the electricity using a battery or grid to operate the gates regularly without increasing your monthly electricity bills.

Durability: A homeowner has options to choose the wooden as well as driveway gates. Despite being more expensive than the wooden driveway gates, the metal gates are more effective in combating harsh weather elements. You can also consider investing in the wrought iron driveway gates as these are made of a classic metal that does not contain high carbon content. The classic metal is almost like metal, and thus more tough and corrosion-resistant. Once you choose and install the right wrought iron driveway gates, these can be used over many years without providing frequent maintenance and repair.

Mode of Access: You also have option to choose from a variety of access mechanisms to open or close the driveway gates from a distance. Based on your choice, you can operate the gates through a remote control device, keypad, card reader or telephone entry. It is always a good idea to pick the mode of access by keeping in mind the usage of your property. If you are buying the driveway gates for a residential establishment, it is advisable to opt for a remote control device. On the other hand, the keypad access system will make it easier for you to impose better access and entry restrictions into your business establishment.

In addition to these features, you also need to concentrate on choosing the right iron driveway gates style. Based on the design and size of your entrance, you can choose either the swinging or sliding driveway gates. However, it is also important to consider some additional measures to operate the automatic driveway gates in a safe and hassle-free way.

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