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The Three Most Likely Botches To Face Lift Surgery

by wrinklesscream

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For all the people who claim that a facelift can give them a fresh new look, there are an awful lot of people — celebrities included — that regret their foray into plastic surgery. Perhaps it’s because it’s so easy to get talked into procedures by doctors who aren’t as qualified or honest about the work they do, or perhaps because of the doctor’s inexperience or indifference, but many people walk away from the surgeon’s office with a face they don’t recognize as their own anymore. A botched face lift can be devastating, and may result in further surgeries that render your face worse off than it was in its natural state.


When you start to feel like “I feel old,” there are plenty of things you can do to make yourself look younger, even if you never let a scalpel near your skin. Here are the most common facelift botches and how you can get better results using an anti wrinkle cream.


Swept Away

Many times when someone has obviously had work done, you can tell by the fact that their face looks a little wind-blown; like the wind picked up their skin and hoisted it backwards toward their ears. The result is a taut-yet-unnatural look that can appear almost like a plasticky sheen.


If you want to firm up sagging skin without undergoing a face lift, you can use an anti aging cream to help tighten the skin. It will hydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Look for products with plenty of vitamins and antioxidants, such as retinol. You can also do facial exercises to tighten specific areas of the face and jawline.


Droopy Features

One of the side effects of getting a pulled-back-to-your-ears facelift is that it doesn’t often take into account how your forehead, brows or chin will age after the face lift has been completed. Therefore, you’re more likely to experience wrinkling and sagging in the forehead and jaw areas, which can make half your face look older while the center still appears tight and stretched. Depending on where the skin is pulled and whether any fat cells are removed or inserted, there may also be some sagging around the eyes and corners of the mouth.


An anti wrinkle cream won’t cause your face to sag, and won’t leave you looking multiple ages at once. Daily application in the morning and evening can prevent wrinkles in the first place, and keep your skin looking natural.


Not Quite Right

Many times when people have a facelift done, even if the lift is done skillfully, it’s easy for something to look a little off. One such thing is that the ears don’t look the same, since that’s where the facial skin is pinned back. The ears may be pulled down or attached to the side of the face in a way they weren’t originally.


Keep your ears intact and your face unquestionably yours by sticking to anti aging cream instead.


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