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6 Travel Tips for the Novice Business Traveller

by anonymous

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You’ve finally landed the perfect job full of perks and plenty of travel. When faced with your first business trip you are bound to make some rooky mistakes. Here are a few tips to make your inaugural flight much less stressful.


  1. If you know you will be travelling regularly invest in a good set of luggage. You will be travelling to many destinations with varying lengths of stay and changing weather. You will want a small case for overnight stays and an option on wheels when you are faced with longer stays, a laptop and a briefcase. You will also have dry clothes when you arrive at your destination even if it is pouring rain.

  1. Drive yourself to the airport and use an indoor parking garage service near the airport. They will offer a Newark airport shuttle service to get you to the airport for free and you will know your car is safe while you are away.

  1. Prepare yourself for the TSA. Put all metal objects in your jacket pocket so you are ready to drop them in the bin. Wear slip on shoes and don’t wear a belt. This will help you avoid humiliation at the security gates.

  1. If you have the opportunity to travel with a laptop opt for the smallest version you can find. Once onboard your usual laptop is going to become awfully cumbersome. A nice choice is either the MacBook Air 11” or if you prefer PC, a small Netbook. When travelling abroad make sure you have the proper adaptors as well.

  1. Bring a book. You will be grateful for it on a long flight when you are restless and can’t sleep and even more grateful when you are stuck at an airport due to inclement weather or a cancelled flights.

  1. Use your Newark airport shuttle service offered by your airport parking garage when you get home. You will appreciate it when you land and people are fighting for cabs at the terminal. All you have to do is call to let them know you are waiting at the terminal.

After a few trips you’ll get the hang of it and come up with your own list of tips to pass along.


SNAP airport parking offers a Newark airport shuttle service within 4 minutes of the Newark Liberty International Airport. For reservations please call at 973-732-5856.

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