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Great Tips about Army Dresses

by zelliwillshon

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As we know, army clothes are commonly referred to as a military
service uniform, consists of a coat for both the males and the females, low
waist trousers for men, low waist slacks for women and skirts for the women soldiers.
This attire is accessorized with cuff links for the coats, belts with huge
buckles, military combat boots,
and caps together with gloves and pullover sweaters to be worn during the cold
seasons. Besides this, some of the officers have badges which vary according to
the ranks and awards worn.

There are different types of uniforms worn by men and women
soldiers and these vary according to the type of assignment being undertaken.
Earlier on, the soldiers had one type of attire that they would wear day in day
out, but this has changed with time. Nowadays, the uniforms worn on the daily
duties are different from what is worn when going for battle.

This change came about as a result of the realization that
the requirements of the daily operations were different from those of battles.
The battle outfit was considered bulky when the soldiers were on their daily
businesses. The evolution of the army clothing led to the development of
different types of uniforms which include the green and the white service
uniforms or class A and B uniforms respectively.

The green service uniforms were mainly worn by the Air Force
personnel and the Navy Army inclusive of the Marine unit. The green shade
changed from one shade to another until finally they settled for the dark green
color. This color has always been identified with army uniforms to the extent
of being universally referred to as army green.

The other type is the white service uniform which is mostly
worn by the high ranking officials. This attire is optional and is mostly worn
during special occasions such as national holidays. Under normal occasions,
they prefer to put on the casual army green uniforms used by the lower ranking
officials and the entire force.

In both of these cases, the soldiers are supposed to put on
a white shirts and bow ties though the latter is only necessary when attending
formal functions. These attires form the daily wear for men and women on the
force and this includes their marriages and burials. To them it is not just about
the clothing, this is more of a culture.

The officers are usually expected to buy their own attires
though an allowance for this is included in their salaries. It is an offense
for the officers to be on duty without the proper clothing and such cases are
treated with considerable weight and the person is punished according to the
constitution governing the force.

The material used in making cloths for the
soldiers should be heavy in weight and resistant to wrinkles. This is inclusive
of the inner shirt which comes in two pieces, the long sleeved and the short
sleeved pieces. The weight of this material ensures that the uniforms are
durable and the resistance to wrinkles saves the soldiers the time used in
ironing them daily. In fact, they are dry cleaned once in a while and they
maintain the tidiness for a considerable amount of time. You
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