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Hands for Healing: Generally Used Touch Techniques for a Mas

by steladimitrov

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They may not appear like it, but your hands actually has an undetected power and energy that can provide healing and wellness primarily via touch. This is why after a relaxing massage in San Diegospas, the majority of people feel a lot more invigorated, rejuvenated, and even more limber. Such feeling of well-being can be attributed to the union of the following touch techniques:


Light Effleurage. This technique generally consists of light, sliding movements with minimal pressure to promote lymphatic flow and blood circulation. An example of light effleurage is when a therapist spreads oil all over your back and slides her hands with long, even strokes. In fact, a form of light effleurage known as "feathering" intends to revitalize nerves by using enough pressure and friction to affect only the superficial muscles and skin.

Deep Effleurage. Contrary to it's light version, deep effleurage aims for tendons, deeper tissues, and ligament fibers. This technique is a primary feature of deep tissue massages, which are meant to unwind tensed muscles and realign scar tissues. Deep effleurage is distinguished by compressive or circular motions with direct pressure and a back and forth rhythm.


Therapists from major San Diego hair salonand spas often do petrissage for Swedish massage treatments. It is performed by kneading and pressing the muscles rhythmically to enhance circulation and help with "knots" in muscles that limit a client's movement. If you're having a difficult time visualizing petrissage, bear in mind that it's fairly similar to the motions used to form bread dough.


Usually done at the end of the massage session, tapotement includes chopping, slapping, cupping, and tapping movements. It's the finishing touch that helps your muscles to regroup and relax, which further increases your sense of well-being immediately after. Considering that a trained therapist is said to tap anywhere from 13 to 14 times per second, vibrations induced by tapotement also help in releasing mucus in the lungs and very advantageous for clients with colds.

By mixing different massage techniques, a therapist can get rid of all the tension from your body and replace them with nothing but comfort. You'll walk into a spa tired and strained, then walk out delighted and all set to party. For more information, you can pay a visit to

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