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Importance of philosophy of life in growth of humanity

by anonymous

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Importance of philosophy of life in growth of humanity and human being cannot be neglected. The place, we are standing today are made of bricks and stones of different philosophical thinking. Philosophy of life is the mother of every thought, theory, ideology and knowledge we bragged today. Importance of philosophy can be viewed in simple observation that, though we study higher and higher in particular subject but finally we get degree of philosophy (PhD). What can be reason behind this?

In ancient time, philosophyhad only one synonym, ‘curiosity.’ People though interested in different field gathered under one single roof of philosophy. That time fields were not specific, so whether they were questioning universe or art, they were using mask of philosophy. In this quest to know more and more about surroundings, it became evitable that someday someone will become curios about life. It happened and they found it most mysterious even more than universe itself. Philosophy of life covers every aspect related to human being and humanity. However, people misunderstand philosophy of life to be subjective and claim that everyone follows their own philosophy of life. They misunderstand their own thinking and view to be eternal truth.

Philosophy of life develops a way to feel the life as a whole. Life is more complicated than people think but when we understand it totally it become simple. Life cannot be understood without understanding the philosophy associated with life. Philosophy of life openly discuss every aspect of human life, some theories see life as source of sorrow and pain on other hand other theory see life as source and reason of enjoyment and pleasure. In whole philosophy of life see life as both thinking as complementary, necessary to understand each other and finally to understand the life in true form.

There is nothing beyond the life, so there cannot be any philosophy beyond the philosophy of life. Philosophy of life and Life of philosophy share one common platform therefore measurement of none is possible. We can get an idea about vastness of philosophy of life by simply considering religion. Religious philosophy is a very small constituent of philosophy of life. Philosophy of life questions, discuss and try to give answer of everything associated with human life. It tries to understand the meaning and importance of life to give some universal laws for leading a better and worthy life. Philosophy of life has one aim, growth of betterment in human life, as this growth will finally lead to a better future of humanity. Spirituality can be seen as representative and most comprehensive part of philosophy of life.

Deeper the understanding of ‘philosophy of life’, better the life of individual and finally a better future of humanity.




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