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Tips for getting a fair price on homes for sale CharlestonSC

by NatWallen

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Charleston South Carolina is an ideal place to settle down and raise a family. There are plenty of houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina if you want to buy a place where you can settle down. A home is not a cheap investment though and you most certainly want to find a well priced home with a price tag that matches its quality. Read on to learn some tips that can help you find the best priced homes.


Before you settle for any house in Charleston, compare as many houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina as you can find. This might on the face of it sound like a lot of work but in the end, comparing a number of homes will enable you to make a better choice.


There are several things that you should look at. For example, look for homes for sale Charleston SC similar to the one you want to buy that have been sold recently and compare their prices with the one you are being offered. Are the prices comparable? If the price of the one you are after is significantly higher it means that the house is overpriced. Secondly, you can compare prices of houses a little smaller and a little bigger than the one you want to buy. Analyze the differences in prices. Do the bigger houses cost almost as much as the one you want? That is a sign of overpricing. Again, is does the house you want cost the same, on average, as the smaller ones in the same area? This too means that you are being overcharged.


The second thing to look for is the rate at which properties in that part of Charleston appreciate. Homesare likely to cost more in an area where home prices appreciate faster. Compare the prices of homesin different areas bearing in mind the average appreciation rate of properties in those areas. Homes in areas with lower appreciation rates should be cheaper on average. Sometimes it's hard to tell the true value of houses for sale. For this you may need to bring in an independent appraiser and have him/her determine the real worth of a home you are interested in.


The prevailing market conditions also have a direct bearing on prices of houses for sale in Charleston South Carolina. Home prices are never static as they swing between the buyers' and sellers' markets. The best time to buy a house is when the prices are lowest i.e. during a buyers' market. It doesn't follow though that you will automatically find wonderful bargains in a buyers' market because other factors like expected appreciation of a property can still hold its price at a high figure. Nonetheless, it's best to shop for homes for sale Charleston SC when the prices are on a downward trend.


Sellers always expect buyers to haggle over prices. The prices of houses for saleare therefore likely to be set a little higher than market value so that the buyer can have the satisfaction of negotiating a lower price. So, when the seller quotes you a price, make a counteroffer below his and see how far he is willing to negotiate the price. Chances are that the seller will accept a figure lower than the price tag.



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