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How To Care For Circle Lenses

by NiiyaToshiyuki

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Circle lenses are a popular way to draw attention to your eyes. You can enlarge the iris or change the color of your eye with dramatic lenses that come in a variety of different styles. No matter the style, when you buy circle lenses you will want to care for them properly. Not only will you be able to extend the life of your lenses, but you will protect your eyes from damage or infection.

You only have one pair of eyes, and those eyes have very sensitive tissue that needs to be cared for. Putting a circle lens in your eye is not dangerous unless you do not properly care for it. Improper care of
contact lenses can cause itchiness, redness and even more serious conditions. If you experience any of these symptoms while wearing circle lenses you should immediately remove them.

Here are some tips to help you care for your circle lenses in order to avoid problems and extend their useful life.

First, you should always wash your hands before your handle any circle lens. Your hands can carry dirt and bacteria that can be harmful to your eyes. It’s best to use a mild hand soap. You will want to avoid any
soap that is oily or has too much moisturizer as these substances can be transferred to your eye when you place the lens.

When handling any contact lens you should make sure that your nails are neatly filed. If you have large nails you run the risk of scratches to your lenses when you place them in your eye.

Once you remove your circle lens you should clean it with a multipurpose disinfectant solution. You can find such a solution with the eye care products at your local grocery store. Gently rub the lenses with the
solution to remove any dirt or build up. You can do this either between the tip of your forefinger and your thumb or in the palm of your hand with your forefinger.

You should also store your circle lenses in the disinfectant solution in order to prevent them from drying out. If lenses become dry they can also become brittle and break. If your contact lenses break or rip you
should throw them away and discontinue wearing them. The rough edges can irritate or damage your eye.

When you buy circle lenses you are investing in a fun new look for your eyes. Properly caring for
your lenses is not only a protection of your investment in the lenses but in your eyes too.

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