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Personal or Automobile Injury Claims Handled by One Attorney

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There are many reasons why someone could end up in the courtroom.  With the long list of reasons, an automobile injury is one of them.  When insurance companies do not want to pay for medical bills or what the injured parties is supposed to get, it will get settled by a judge.

This can be a very lengthy process.  During this time, the client may not be able to work while trying to pay the monthly bills at home as well as all of the medical bills and purchasing food for their family.  An attorney for an injury like this will be able to lay out the facts about the whole ordeal in hopes that the judge feels the same way.

When someone else is at fault for any kind of injury, there are damages that they should be paying for especially if it makes it so that the injured party is unable to earn a living.  Automobile accidents are not the only kind of accident that can cause this.  Attorneys for personal injury cases will be the ones to consult with when getting ready to pursue these matters.

Sometimes the injury is not caused directly from the person at fault.  It could be due to something that they did or did not do prior to the accident happening.  If someone slips and falls on ice on a porch, the homeowner will be liable for damages.  The injured party may seek advice from their attorney for their injury.

Even though most vehicles that are on the road will have insurance to cover any damage, there is a limit for how much the insurance company will pay.  It is important to know this because any time that a driver is at fault, they can get sued for anything that the insurance companies do not handle.  An automobile injury can take a very long time to heal if it heals at all.

A team of attorneys for personal injury accidents are going to be handling many different types of cases.  They will have to take on each case separately.  All of the information should be looked at including the things that do not seem important at the time.

An attorney for any injury should find out all of the facts before assuming anything.  They will need medical records and what happened the date of the accident.  They may find very useful information in the facts that do not seem like they matter.  This can include the temperatures outside or the way that the injured party was feeling the day that the injury took place.

The age of the injured party does not always play a role in the outcome of the case.  Someone could hire a great team of lawyers and still prove that the other part was at fault.  When this happens the attorney for personal injury accidents will need a great plan to go about winning the case as quickly as possible.

About Us:  Any kind of injury causes pain and unpredictable medical bills as well as many other problems.  When an injury is not the fault of the injured party, they may be able to get a settlement that will cover medical bills or other expenses especially if they lost a lot of time away from their job because of this accident.  Contact the team at Brill Rinardi Garcia law firm to get a free consultation.  More information is available when visiting

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