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Human Errors Increase the Need for Data Recovery Los Angeles

by rubybadcoe

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Working with computers and other similar gadgets can either look simple when done by tech-savvy individuals, or challenging in the hands of the not-so-savvy. Thus, the latter could actually be the reason why “human error” has become a contributing factor in the rise of data loss incidents in workplaces, homes, and other institutions where computers play an important role. Fortunately, if your data goes missing through your own fault, you can always count on the IT experts from a reputable Los Angeles data recovery company.

Studies and Statistics

Surveys conducted by data recovery software vendors on the leading causes of data loss revealed that human error accounts for 40 percent of cases. Indeed, rather than shouting at their monitors, oftentimes, computer users should be pointing fingers toward themselves. Furthermore, a report from the IT Policy Compliance Group states that half of all sensitive data losses are attributable to user error.

Common Human Errors

What exactly is human error? When a previously accessible file can no longer be found, accidental deletion and drive formatting may have happened. Unintentionally clicking on “delete” or “format” is the usual culprit for data loss. In other cases, user error could be the improper handling of a computer hardware or losing a data storage device (e.g hard drive, memory stick).

Impact on Business Operations

Businesses that go through extensive data loss without a solid plan for data recovery in Los Angeles will barely last a year; there are dire consequences for data loss. For instance, once the word gets out, consumer trust is compromised. Without options to restore the lost data, a business will find itself paralyzed to resume normal operations, which ultimately leads to failure or bankruptcy.


As in most business problems, human error can be countered with effective strategies. For example, a company can invest in training programs for staff who handles critical business data. The company must also utilize technology and manual programs to minimize user errors. Additional preventive measures is keep out repairing technical issue you know nothing of. Call the professionals, instead.

You owe it to your computers, which provides you with significant business assistance to learn how to use them well. However, since the risk of human error will always be there, it would still be wise to invest in data recovery solutions. For more information, visit

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