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It's Possible To Make Quite Of Bit of Money In Penny Stocks

by stanleymilner

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Penny Stocks Are certainly manipulated. The bulk of people are unaware
of this
straight forward reality and instead choose to partake in penny
stocks much like they would at a other spot. They think they have a
at investing in penny stocks
successfully but they are completely mistaken.
You aren't going to make money in penny stocks unless you can set yourself
apart from most people and begin to time the market effectively in a short term
period of a few minutes to several days at most. Despite what penny
stocks promoters
will have you believe, penny stocks are not meant to
be held long term.
Don'tput faith in a penny stock companies
"story" simply because it has a web
site and places press releases
with the common
news outlets like PRwire.Press releases can be acquired
several hundred dollars and a high quality web page
can be designed cheaply so it really isn't too far-fetched to comprehend that a
lot of penny stocks are pure frauds.

instance one typical
would be a penny a stock
claims to have cure for a horrible disease such as AIDS.
If a penny stock had this sort of drug I can guarantee a big pharmaceutical
company would have already bought them out. In fact I would bet my life of this
because I have seen hundreds of these sort of claims over the years from
pharmaceutical related penny stocks and nearly all turned out to be lies. While
1 out 100,000 of these companies actually
increases in value, the
other 99,999implode and hurt their investors very bad.
Fortunately for the people that run these penny stock promotions and the
unscrupulous penny stock CEO's, a new sucker is born quite frequently, and
therefore they have plenty of new victims to prey on. The
fact of the
matter is
almost all penny stocks admit they are in an
stage. What this means is they have not even begun to start earning a profit or
makingsales and the problem with this is that a great majority
of these companies will never begin to. The only way they are able tooperate without this is to dilute the price of their company’s
stock holders by
selling new shares to the unsuspectinggeneral
public. These people these stocks will make them millionaires and are blind
to the reality that  the joke is on them.


truth it is very possible to make a lot of money by getting involved in penny stock trading
but you must find out a unique trading
strategy that actually is profitable
or there is definitely no hope that you will be able toearn
money in the penny stock market. It will take some time to learn but once
comprehend what the market
truly is and who the special market players are, it will become straight
forward. The bottom line is you should not invest in penny stocks for
more than a few minutes to a
few days unless you plan to lose
everything. The penny stock market is for trading penny stocks in the
shorter term only!


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