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Researching a Design Patent before going ahead with a Patent

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Researching a Design Patent before going ahead with a Patent Application in key


When it comes to patenting a design, it will be very important to make sure that you are taking the time to complete thorough research on patents.  Doing so will allow you the opportunity to see if your design has already been patented.  This is the most essential element, while trying to complete a patent application. 


Are you worried that you will go through the application and someone else’s will be approved before yours?  That is not something that you will have to worry about if you choose to get a provisional patent.  This means that your application will state ‘patent pending’ when you look online. 


Others will be able to see this as well,  so you can ensure that nobody will be taking your ideas.  A provisional patent allows you to relax while your patent is being completed.    


Looking into a Design Patent


If you are not sure what type of a patient you want, you should consider a design patent.  Doing so will be the cheapest option.  You are also going to see that going through with a patent application like this will help you secure your design quickly.  In fact, you are going to see that you will often only need to wait one year between the time that you file and the time that you are given issuance. 


Patent Pending Status


You might want to consider a patent pending as a very fast and effective way to get your design patent on file.  When you do this, your design patent is going to be listed as patent pending and you will know that your design is safe.  Keep in mind that these are going to be valid for 12 months as well, so you will have plenty of time to wait for your final patent to be completed. 


Patent Application


You might be asking yourself why you need to go through the patent application process in the first place.  In a nut shell, you will need to complete a patent application to protect any new ideas that you have. You need to do this to retain the rights to your idea and to market your idea as well. 

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