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Autism Spectrum Disorder - An Overview

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Autism is a disorder where all the different parts of the brain fail to coordinate simultaneously. As a result, the individual suffering from the disorder is not able to relate to others in a proper manner. It is basically a disorder that is inherited.

The causes of the Autism Spectrum Disorder are not yet clear. Few are of the opinion that it may be due to the vaccines that children take when they are small. The symptoms usually come into sight by the time a child is 3 years. One of the most prominent of all characteristics is that a toddler does not start speaking at the normal age and speech development is delayed as compared to the other children. Deafness is another classical symptom.

Behaviour that is visible in a repetitive manner, for instance, a child may build up the habit of patting his own head with the hand or develop some other peculiar interest in different objects. Also, if he is asked not to repeat the same kind of behaviour, he usually becomes upset which is reflected in his resentment. The symptoms may range from mild to severe.

Less than normal level of intelligence is another symptom associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders aside from depression and anxiety and epilepsy on certain occasions.

Areas of a child’s life that are affected            

Generally speaking, three areas of a child’s life are affected. Since Autism is known to occur in a variety of forms, hence the name. These are –

1. Communication both verbal as well as non verbal.

2. Social interaction.

3. Interests and Behaviour

Treating Autism Spectrum Disorder

Behavioural training is one of the main measures that medical practitioners take resort to. Social skills are taught to children. They are also taught how to communicate with their peers and family. Speech therapy as well as physical therapy is also included in the treatment. OCD or Obsessive compulsive disorder is also one condition that is manifested in children with autism.

The type of treatment that is given to a particular child depends to a great extent on the symptoms of the child. As a parent, you too can take few steps to help your child out. These are the following ways. 1. Take your child to relatives who have similar problems. Make the two children communicate with each other. 2. Plan outings with the entire family. 3. When your child attains teenage, you can seek assistance of another person who can take care of your child in case you are not able to give time.

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