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Dermabrasion techniques vs scar creams

by audreymckinley

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One of the more popular methods in scar removal is the use of chemical peeling creams as opposed to other forms of medical surgery. Scar creams offer a more convenient way of eliminating scars by causing a chemically induced skin peeling process. On the other hand, alternative surgical methods have their own set of side effects such as the occasional burning of the skin that result in the further scarring of the skin. Dermabrasion procedures also do the same whereas scar gels and other cosmetic creams promise a scar-free healing process.

Scar Creams for Different Scars

There are many types of scars that is acquired in different circumstances such as burn scars, surgery scars, accident scars, and pregnancy scars among others. These scars differ in terms of the damage endured by the skin cells which in turn imply a different grade of scar cream in order to hasten the healing process. These different types of scars basically require varying types of scar creams to effectively reduce visibility. A lot also depends on the skin type of the individual being treated. Keloidal and hyperthropic scars for instance, are more effectively treated with pure medical grade silicone as opposed to cream-based scar treatments. 100% medical grade silicone is more quickly absorbed by the skin and also serves as a barrier that protects the scarred area from bacterial exposure.  

Effectiveness of Scar Creams

With the aforementioned factors considered, normal scar creams will produce results in about five to six weeks of regular use. While a lot still depends on the skin damage and skin type, the reliability of a scar cream practically lies on how fast it can accelerate the skin healing process. Scar healing is achieved through the stimulation of white blood cells as well as the regeneration capacity of the body to reproduce new skin cells that will cover the wounded area. All scars take time to heal by itself, but with the help of scar creams and other scar removal treatments, the entire duration can be cut in half or more.

The effectiveness of scar creams can also be reliant on its ability to completely eliminate scar visibility. Scarred skin usually exhibits an abnormal skin area which is largely described to have an unusual elevation compared to other patches of the skin. An effective scar cream or scar treatment would be able to eliminate all signs of scars ranging from scarred skin colour to skin texture. Compared to dermabrasion techniques, scar creams provide users the opportunity to have their wounds heal without scars through preventive methods. Dermabrasion techniques are only useful once the scar has formed whereas some scar creams complemented by other cosmetic creams, can be used even while the wound has not yet completely healed.

Professional skin care products are always more useful over time compared to cosmetic surgeries that may cause potential side effects to the skin. Even with the promise of immediate results, cosmetic surgeries can lead to various complications as opposed to the safety that is guaranteed by scar creams.


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