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Chiropractic Care And Posture Correction

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The position in which we hold our bodies while sitting or standing is defined as posture. The correct alignment of our skeletal structure supported by the right amount of muscle tension is referred to as a good posture. The muscle groups that help in maintaining a good posture includes the hamstrings, back and neck muscles. These muscles also help in conserving the body balance.


Importance of good posture


Our general health and our appearance are very much affected by our postural habits. Keeping a good posture will always show positive effects on our physical fitness throughout life. A proper body alignment keeps away any strain or pressure from supporting structures such as bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. A good posture always keeps the body relaxed and flexible; and also provides adequate energy and less body aches. A good sleeping posture can also improve our quality of sleep.


Causes of poor or bad posture

The activities that we perform in our daily lives affect our postures to a great extent. It includes the way we sit, stand, bend, drive, lift objects, walk or sleep. If we practice correct posture, our bodies stay aligned but factors such as aging and prolonged activities can have a negative impact on our postures. As we age the cartilages of joints, knees and vertebral discs become less elastic and even become stiff leading to a bad posture. However, this deterioration is normal and can be corrected by exercising. Uncorrected stress or spinal trauma from injuries/accidents or repetitive daily activities changes the shape & function of affected joints and can cause a poor or abnormal posture. An abnormal posture is also seen in people who suffer with chronic pain-related conditions that includes backache, headache & stress-related illnesses.


Effects of bad posture


When working at a desk or a computer, we often get into a hunched position and continuously working in this position develops a bad posture, which may lead to severe kyphosis. This often causes torso collapse and effects proper breathing. Also, the muscles of your neck, upper back and shoulders tighten leading to tension headaches. A chiropractor can provide the best treatment for this problem.


Bad posture is developed due to vertical misalignment that further causes spinal distortions. It further leads to stress on the spinal cord and the nerves that pass between the vertebrae and various body parts. A poor posture causes muscle strain that leads to severe back pains. A person who develops poor body posture often remains inactive and tired.


Chiropractic care


Our posture determines whether our spine is aligned or misaligned. Having a bad posture means the spine is out of alignment and indicate vertebral subluxation that can only be treated by chiropractors. The vertical subluxation is the de-positioning of the spinal column, affecting the spinal joints and discs. This leads to improper functioning of nerves and spinal muscles affecting various organs and glands in our bodies.


Chiropractors in Harker Heights can help resolve the postural problems by adjusting the spinal misalignments. They make use of spinal manipulation that can improve the range of motion of the spinal joints and decreasing the amount of physical stress experienced by the body. Chiropractors might also recommend you certain exercises that can help strengthen your core muscles and also develop the correct posture.

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