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Free Standing Cast Iron - Bath Ireland UK

by Jemmymartin

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There is a rush for free standing baths! Cast Iron free standing baths are especially popular, due to the timeless look and style of the cast iron bath. Evoking elegance and fashion from a bye gone era, the free standing bath has proved its worth over and over again.


Gracing even the smallest of bathrooms, the free standing bath turns a mundane bathroom into something much more. A look to be admired by guests and enjoyed by home owners. The free standing bath combines simple practicality with style excellence. No damp walls or peeling seal, the free standing bath is the easiest to maintain and always retains its charm. A simple and brilliant idea, from our ancestors, who enjoyed keeping their precious hot water HOT! The cast iron free standing bath is especially good for this purpose.


Cleaning this free standing bath is easy! The owner can simply access the back and underneath the bath for cleaning purposes. The elegance of this free standing bath style can be combined with almost any style taste. From the wonderfully ornate French bathroom to the modernistic Art Deco, and through to the understated simplicity of the rustic bathroom. The freestanding bath completes any look.


Why are free standing baths so popular again? Because they stand the test of time! Because, now we are heading for an era of austerity people like you care about getting value for their hard earned money. You will never have to replace your free standing bath, and if you buy a cast iron free standing bath, the chances are your grandchildren will not have to replace it either!


Only look around at old houses to see that one piece of history which nearly always survives is the cast iron free standing bath.



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