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Features To Look For In Corporate Wellness Service Packages

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Once you start browsing and taking quotes from corporate health service providers, it is easy to get confused with the wide range of services that a standard health service provider will provide. Any decision you take for your company’s health care is going to stand for a long time and mistakes usually backfire spectacularly. In order to ensure that you make the right choices, ensure that some of these features are present in a particular service provider.

Health Products

At the core of every package are a set of products, tangible and guidance wise. These products create an ecosystem that creates a sense of curiosity among employees about being healthy by participating in a variety of programs that are arranged by the service provider.

Some of the most obvious health products are tools such as health newsletters which talk about general health related information like the right way to sit, drinking lots of water, information about avoiding the flu and eating the right way. Newsletters must be of two types, electronic as well as paper based. Electronic newsletters work great because all employees have access to email and part of the job requires them to check it regularly. Paper newsletters can complement the electronic efforts.

Some interesting products that make fitness fun in office, or at least not insanely dull, are items like fitness calendars and fitness magnets. At the outset, a calendar makes perfect sense but the health slogan bearing magnets may not. Still, it adds a bit of colour and fun factor that many employees would appreciate.

Health Workshops

An important part of any program are workshops. They are many types of workshops that will become useful to employees. Alcohol consumption and excessive addiction to it can run havoc with an employee’s workplace productivity as well as behaviour. Employees most of their time in office seated on their chair and the way they sit has an enormous amount of impact on their back. Workshops need to be provided that teach employees the right way to sit.

Workshops should also be made available that allow for an employee to keep their mental health in check. For this purpose workshop that circle around the ancient practices of yoga and meditation also should be made available. The idea is to help employees become aware of the physical and mental fitness methods, workshops work wonders that way. Some packages include sports and games to further enhance the mix of available workshops.

Find out more about the variety of health products and corporate health management that are being enjoyed by many employees across organizations.

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