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Convert Lotus Notes .nsf To Outlook .pst – Find Out Why?

by eilmcanzi

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In world rapidly lead by technological advancements it is prudent for the users to keep on switching from their older data storage system to a newer one. This ensures that they do not lag behind in the course of technology, but doing so also doesn’t come that easily. Such a process is known to be migration, and one of the finest examples of technological migration is of data from one email client to another. One of the highly done email migration includes Lotus to Outlook data conversion. Due to plenty of reasons people convert Lotus Notes .nsf to Outlook .pst and some of the situations have been discussed below in the segment. Read more to understand the need of such a migration from the user end and also discover the type of converter which should be used for carrying out the migration.

Situations That Have Been the Reason behind NSF PST Switchover

When situations overpower users are left with no other option but to follow what they are being lead by.
Here are some of the situations which have lead many users to convert Lotus Notes .nsf to Outlook .pst.

  • Suppose, you are working on a system with Lotus Notes workflow under a Domain which also has Lotus Notes. But the entire organization is planning to undergo a system switchover where the issue is that all the new systems are equipped with either Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. In order to pull out the information from Lotus Notes domain to that of Exchange domain a conversion has to be pulled out.
  • Another situation could be that you have started using Lotus Notes email clients just a few months back but aren’t quite comfortable with its operational interface. Unfortunately, in a short period of duration only, the client mailbox is filled with emails and other data. And in order to work on a simpler client you will have to convert Lotus Notes .nsf to Outlook .pst.

These two are amongst the most common yet most effective situations which make it quite necessary for the user in the situation to execute the conversion. And reportedly, there are no free of charge ways of preceding the situation. Hence, the usage of a third party application is necessary make the conversion work in successful and desirable manner.

Meanwhile, when third party applications to convert Lotus Notes .nsf to Outlook .pst are talked about, Export Notes application comes up to be amongst the topmost names that you rely upon for the respective conversion.

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