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Careful Planning Makes for Perfect Wedding Pictures

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To guests it would appear that a wedding photographer and his team arrive at the venue, do their business and depart. The best wedding photographer does not get to where he is without giving each wedding a lot of thought and careful planning. Just as you plan for your wedding months in advance and attend to each tiny detail, a photographer responsible for recording once-in-a-lifetime images will never succeed without planning and coordination. Like the director of a movie working in conjunction with a scriptwriter, he can see in his mind’s eye the sequence of events and prepare. Though almost all weddings follow the usual route, each one is unique and one simply cannot apply a set formula.

There are wheels within wheels. The wedding is a grand and gala event, a big wheel within which smaller wheels intermesh and turn in perfect synchronicity on that big day. There are caterers, wedding decorators, wedding planners, transport services and others that mesh seamlessly for a glorious experience. Like the other service providers, wedding photographers must plan and the best wedding photographer makes extra efforts. He starts by getting acquainted with the bride and the groom and their family members as well as friends. At the outset even the bride and the groom may not have a clear and precise idea of their wedding pictures. A seasoned wedding professional will discuss and give them ideas and also small but quite helpful tips about posing, looking at the camera during critical ceremonies like the ring ceremony and walking down the aisle while covertly glancing to see if the photographer is in place. While his role is specific and limited to taking photographs, he has a full and clear picture of the overall event. Talking with the couple also gives him a good idea about their personality. Talking to friends and family members and knowing their style and the planned celebrations is a pointer to how events will develop.

The best wedding photographer goes to the trouble of visiting each venue where he will do his job. This gives him a “feel” of the place, its ambience, its lighting and placement of the main actors. Whether it is the church and its interiors, the reception area or the dining arrangements, he surveys them all. The efforts pay rich dividends on the day of the actual event when he can effortlessly position himself to take advantage of the best angles.  If he decides interiors could do with a spot of additional lighting, he arranges them discreetly.

Given the scale of the event the best wedding photographer does not work alone. In order to paint the widest canvas depicting the main plots and interesting little sub-plots he may have assistants keeping a watchful, wide-angle view on guests while he zooms in on the main action and stays focused there.

As they say planning is the most difficult part of any event, execution becomes a lot easier when there is a flexible and agile game plan defined ahead of the event. The results are images that talk. 

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