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How Systems of AC and Heating in Richmond Houses Operate

by darryliorio

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While the winter months in the coastal city of Richmond in British Columbia, Canada are notably merciless, some summers can be equally bad. So, to keep occupants safe and comfortable, Richmond homes are equipped with effective cooling and heating systems. But exactly how do these systems function? Listed here are some truths concerning the function of AC and heating in Richmond BC.

System Parts

AC and heating systems are made up generally of three components: a source of cool or warm air, a distribution channel, and a control that regulates the operation of the whole system. The latter is also called the thermostat. Both systems, however opposite in function, operate on the exact same thermodynamic concept: heat always travels from a tank of high temperature to one of lower temperature levels in a process called diffusion.

Fuel and Heat

Both systems need an energy source to work. Air conditioners employ just electricity. Heating systems though, can utilize electricity to create heat, but can also burn fuels such as gas and oil for this purpose. A heat pump works as a climate control system. In the summer, it pulls heat from inside your home and forces it outdoors to create a cooling effect inside. In cold weather, however, it draws heat from a heat source to increase the temperature of the home interior.

The Heater

The differences in the heating and cooling process can be further broken down as such: when the fuel is burned by the heater, heat is produced and made to circulate around your residence via your pipes, vents, and ducts. In addition, some furnaces also have the capacity to warm your water supply, serving two-fold purposes in ensuring convenience in the winter months.

The AC

In your air conditioner however, an electric compressor pressurizes a refrigerant gas into liquid, which is allowed to expand again, consequently causing a drastic drop in temperature level. Air passing over the hollow coils containing this cool gas loses its heat, therefore dropping in temperature level, and cooling the spaces where this air is vented all around your Richmond home.

With reliable air conditioning and heating in Richmond, you need not stress over how hot or cold it may be outside, as you have control over the temperature levels in your house. All you need to worry now is how best to enjoy your time with your family. To discover more about heating and AC, go to

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