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How to Keep Your PDFs Protected and Secure

by anonymous

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While one of the greatest features of the internet is the ease with which files can be shared, this also means that security of files is decreased. Knowing that your files are not secure can be unsettling - it's important to take the proper precautionary steps to ensure that your files are as safe as possible. Knowing how to protect PDF files, in particular, can be difficult since PDFs are the most popular form of readable document. Knowing not only who can view a file or PDF, but also how the content can be accessed or potentially redistributed is important. The following list of tips will allow you to take the necessary steps in order to learn how to protect PDF files and minimize the risk of having your PDFs compromised.


First and foremost, it is imperative that, in order to protect PDF files, you secure each and every PDF with a specific password or key. Securing your PDF with a key is the most important step which you can take in order to protect it from unwanted viewers. While password protection is a fairly common feature for registered accounts, not everyone is aware that any and all files can be password-protected - including PDFs. Be sure to give your PDF a very complex and specific password, because a simple password will be easy to figure out. It is also important to note that certain documents can be printed, despite having been password-secured. Take this into account for maximum copy protection.


Second, conduct some research into DRM security. DRM (which stands for Digital Rights Management) allows you to modify the properties of a PDF - for example, you can make it so that the text of a PDF cannot be copied or downloaded, or you can make the text difficult to read or even time-sensitive. Taking these precautions will allow you to safely send your PDF to external parties without having to worry about the document being compromised or the intended recipients sharing the document with outside parties. Taking these possibilities into account will allow you to safely send preview copies of your PDFs to work partners or potential clients without having to worry about the safety and security of your document.


So long as you adhere to these simple guidelines, you should not be faced with any extreme concern over the safety and security of your PDFs. While the accessibility of the internet means that anyone, anywhere may theoretically have access to any and all of your documents, following these two simple steps for copy protection will allow you to minimize the overall risk which external parties pose to your copyrighted personal material.


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