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Recover Data from Windows drive Corrupted due to W

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Wyx is a virus that infects partition table and boot sector. Since it is a polymorphic virus, it changes its binary pattern (virus signature) each time it replicates and is not easily detected by an antivirus software. Wyx virus can damage your FAT32 partition on Windows hard drive or a complete floppy disk, while carrying no payload. Thus to recover data, effective Hard Drive Data Recovery software might be required (specifically when backup is absent or corrupted).

Wyx virus spreads if the user unintentionally switches on the Windows computer with a drive, which is infected from the virus. In some rare cases, when it cannot replicate, it destroys the data. Wyx virus stores required boot information plus the left code at the end of first cylinder of a hard drive. To describe such infections further, consider the following instance.

A Windows user tries to boot his computer from a floppy diskette without knowing that the drive is infected from Wyx virus. Consequently, the virus resides in the memory and starts infecting the computer. After some time, you find the computer unbootable and hard drive data inaccessible.

To resolve such issues, you need special techniques and solutions.

Consider following tips when your hard drive is infected from Wyx virus:

Install a powerful and updated antivirus software that is compatible with your Windows version and can troubleshoot Wyx infection. This is feasible when the computer is bootable.

Avoid using commands like, Fixmbr, Fdrive /mbr etc. on a Wyx infected hard drives.

Reformat the entire hard drive and reinstall Windows to get rid of Wyx virus and restore the deleted data from last backup. Scan all the external drives before connecting them to your computer to avoid future loss.

Use a hard drive recovery utility to scan and locate lost data from the Wyx virus infected hard drive, in case no suitable backup is present. A Hard Drive Data Recovery software uses powerful algorithms to extract all possible data from a crashed hard drive, without modifying the original data.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is a specialized utility designed to recover and restore lost/deleted/inaccessible data from Windows based hard drives. This hard drive recovery software is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000. Equipped with rich set of features, the tool supports FAT32, VFAT, NTFS, and NTFS5 file systems.

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