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4 Creative Superhero Cape Styles for Custom Capes

by milawineinger

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What is one difference between superheroes and humans? Answer: a cape! This piece of material stands for freedom and power. You can't help but feel positive and confident that anything is possible when wearing one. It's wanderlust that children have that most people grow out of. One solution to get back that spirit is by reliving your dreams by going ahead and creating a costume. To help you get inspiration for custom capes, below are the 4 greatest superhero capes of all time.

His wardrobe may not be historically correct, however there is no denying that the hero of Norse myths is best envisioned with his long, flowing red cape. What makes Thor's cape stand out? The projecting shoulders that flow into the ankle-length cape are something a plain mortal could never manage. Although several artists have revamped his appearance over the years, the only thing that does not change is his cape.

Robin will always be immortalized as the first true sidekick in comics. With his bright clothing and youthful enthusiasm, the Boy Wonder is so iconic that he has earned the right to be kept at the exact same level as the big stars in the superhero universe. He was the first character to use a collared cape that only fell around the waist.

Undoubtedly the most famous cape ever, Superman's is the norm upon which other costumes are based upon. His cape represents everything that makes using a cape great--the perception of being something beyond human. The yellow "S" in the middle of the cape suits the logo on his chest very well.

In contrast to the previous three, Batman's look is dark and vengeful, something you wouldn't expect from a superhero. His cape may well be considered the most dramatic cape ever created. His plain silhouette inspired fear in cold-blooded culprits. Unlike Thor or Superman, he is a plain mortal that counts on his gadgets that are more effective when used with his cape. It is for this reason that Batman edged out Kent from the top spot as the superhero with the finest cape.

It's never late to live out your childhood dreams. A custom cape will not provide you the ability to fly, but it will feed your biggest super power: your imagination. For more inspiration for custom capes, checkout


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