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Scope of Marketing from AICTE Approved MBA Colleges in Pune

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Many students prefer big cities like Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore for higher education. The demand for MBA in these cities and other cities across India has increased drastically over the past few years. Before you start looking for choosing the right kind for AICTE approved MBA colleges in Pune, you should know the subject that you would like to specialize in and then look for colleges that offer those subjects. One such subject that is preferred by candidates is marketing.


Marketing today has become a very vast field and you can choose to specialize in any one of them after your graduation is over. You can even take up specific courses like retail and logistics management. You can plan to study Ph. D. if you plan to take up teaching later in your career. As these courses are of a short duration, you can plan to study them from a reputed distance-learning institute.

 After you complete your studies, you can get various types of jobs. You can plan to become a business development manager and bring new clients for an organization. Such kinds of jobs are available in a wide variety of sectors. In fact, almost every company that provides services, or manufactures products and want to expand their business require such kind of managers. These managers are responsible to make cold calls, look for prospective customers, send proposals, try to make leads into customers, etc. Such jobs might require you to have excellent networking skills and maintain contacts with various kinds of people in the industry.

 You may also take up job in the sales and marketing division of an organization. Many graduates, who have experience in a particular field, prefer to take up marketing in that field. For example, graduates who have completed their BE, might want to take a sales and marketing job in the IT industry as sales representatives. Their technical background and business education would help them to increase the revenue of the company.

 As a marketing professional, you would have to be very innovative, develop and plan strategies to boost sales, delegate work to your team members, decide the kind of promotional campaigns that need to be undertaken, etc. Most of the AICTE approved AICTE MBA colleges in Pune, or in any other city would teach you every aspect of marketing management. These would include like branding, sales, finance, people management, promotional campaigns, etc. You would learn how to manage a sales team and the technical aspects of marketing. After you take up a job, you would be able to apply all that you have learnt during your post graduation program. In short, there is a huge scope of job for those who decide to take up this specialization.

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