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Airport Transportation It Is Your Choice

by mikebutter

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Today with Airport Transportation you have many choices. You can call for a shuttle to pick you up at your door. You can park and leave your car in an airport parking lot. You can even take Orlando airport transportation to the airport if a bus isn’t available.

Many airports have parking lots near the airport and regular shuttles going from the parking lot to airport. This is covered in your daily parking fee. The closer the parking lot to the airport the shorter your ride to the airport in the shuttle. But you will pay more per day for parking for the shorter distance to the airport.

If you will be away for an extended time then you will want to figure the cost of the shuttle ride from your home to the airport with the total cost of your parking fee. If the shuttle trip costs seventy dollars to and from your home but your parking fee is fifty dollars total then seemingly you would save twenty dollars calling for a shuttle to pick you up at your door.

But remember to add in the cost of gas for your car to drive to the parking lot. And you have to be ready for the ride back to your home.

If you are the farthest one in the orlando airport shuttle van from your airport count on numerous stops before arriving at your home. Some people like the idea that when they get back to the airport they can catch a quick shuttle to the parking lot get into their car and drive straight home.

However if you have just had a long flight back and are fatigued you will rather not worry with driving home in traffic. You will not mind all the stops on the way home. You can relax instead of fight traffic after sitting in an airplane for many hours. If you are particular about where your car stays over night remember most airport lots are not covered. So you car will be out in the open.

Remember if you are parking your car at the lot to leave your bags with the attendant at the shuttle stop and then find a parking space. If the lot is almost at capacity and you have to park a long distance from the shuttle stop you do not want to have to carry your bags all the way back the distance you drove to find a parking space.

Today there is a lot of emphasis on security at airports. This adds time to your boarding process. So make sure you leave your home in time to go through the extra checks. If you drive give yourself time in case there is a traffic jam. Have an alternate route planned if you have to get off the freeway because of a jam up. And call for an appointment early enough to make your flight when arranging a pick up at your door.

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Mike Butter has been a free soul all the while. He has been travelling lots of places off late. Apart from travelling, he loves to share his on-journey experiences through his blogs. He has highlighted on orlando airport transportation and orlando airport shuttle through this articles.

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