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The Business Value of .NET

by anonymous

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The .NET Framework provides a comprehensive and consistent programming model and a common set of APIs spanning across Microsoft platforms. It is a technology which reduces development time and increases product quality, by letting you build some amazing, reliable and scalable applications. From client devices like desktop, PCs and smartphones, to the public and private cloud, .NET enables your business to build applications that work the way you want, using a common set of tools across software, services, and devices.

Many businesses count on .NET's powerful technology framework to provide the security advancements, management tools and updates they need to build, test and deploy highly reliable and secure software. This technology lowers development, maintenance and deployment costs over the long run. Many companies have already chosen .NET and are well on their way to an efficient organization. Companies such as Levi Strauss, Transamerica, Sunkist Growers, Dollar Rent-a-Car, Barnes and Noble and many others have either deployed or are deploying cost-efficient, money-saving .NET applications.

.NET encompasses a set of technologies that spans many platforms, including mobile devices, desktop clients and web services. This provides your business with broad reach across Microsoft platforms. The best thing about .NET is your developers can re-use a lot of the same code for each of these different types of applications. They will also use the same development environment and the same paradigm for development. All of this helps with developers being more productive in these new environments much more quickly than if they were forced to use different tools for each environment. Therefore they are cross platform oriented. In addition, .NET Compact Framework and .NET Micro Framework (now open source) extend that reach even further into smaller-footprint devices.

.NET is the richest and most productive way for you to create applications on premise (Windows Server) and on the cloud (Windows Azure). Then you can quickly deploy and manage applications in your own data center or across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. .NET developers can leverage their existing skills and use common tools when building applications, which decreases ramp-up time by cutting down the learning curve. It provides features to maximize productivity, helping your application get to market quickly. This is what helps
.NET application development to provide you the max ROI.

Hire .NET Programmers from India for remarkable enhancement of existing .NET and console applications. Database applications, windows mobile applications, .NET architecture applications, WPF/WCF applications and .NET migration application are also handled efficiently by them. With the advent of dynamic websites, static websites have lost their glitter and glamor. The popularity of dynamic websites with options like click to apply, click to buy, click to know more etc has increased fourfold. Thus .NET is considered to be the simplest of all programming languages and facilitates a developer to build dynamic websites without much hassle. .NET developers are capable of building websites that can run on all operating systems. India has the biggest pool of the best .NET developers. These developers are talented and best at their job.

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