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Social Responsibilities as a musician

by anonymous

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There is no denying the fact that millions of young people across the world look up to their favorite musicians as role models and sources of inspiration. In fact, many loyal fans will even seek to adopt their favorite musicians as sources of emulation, walk in their footsteps, live like them, and follow the advices they sing about in their songs.


Whenever a new music or song or beat comes in the market, its on the lips of every music lover. Music has become a part of their life and they involve it in every action they do. Ranging from a infant to a 60 years old senior citizen, music has touched every one’s soul and life. And life will seem to be empty without music.


So, what’s next? If we talk about the other side, the musician’s side, they also hold some responsibilities and duties towards their fans and the society as a whole.


Message through your song:

The fashion is ever changing and though will bring new ideas presented in front of the public in form of song. Every song has a message in it and the message depends on its composition and lyrics of the song. There are so many genres of songs like, romantic songs, patriotic songs, comedy songs, songs venting frustration, politically motivated songs, that a singer, through his/her songs influences the society and also effects the norms of it.


Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of a musician to compose such songs which are not anti- social and do not have negative affects on the music lovers.


Words/ lyrics are everything:

Words are the only for of communication which is used by every person through various modes of communication. One can express his/ her actions, feelings, views and everything with the help of words. If we talk specifically about music, words are the most important content of it and therefore, it has very sensitive influence on the society and its listeners.

A lyricist or a composer holds this responsibility to use the words in such a way so as to make it popular and also not to hinder the norms of the society.


Image of the musician:

So many people, especially youngsters are highly influenced with the star world, because it looks so charming and attractive from outside. Out of this whole, they tend to make their ideals that become their inspiration and fans try and follow their ideologies and lifestyle. One of the responsibilities of our musicians is to present an image to the public which is positive and anti social. The activity done by them also affects their image and hence is responsible in conveying a good or bad message to the public.

The image of the musician reflects his personality and way of thinking, so one must be very cautious about it. For example: Lata Mangeshkar, her simplicity, generosity and voice, tells so much about her that because of which everyone respects her and want to be one like her.


No piracy:

Many musicians are involved in some illegal acts such a piracy of music, which is an anti social activity and causes bad influence on the public and the music industry as well. This act cause huge losses to the music business and if people from music industry will be involved in it, how can it benefit the society anyhow?


Egoistic behavior:

A musician must be calm and down to earth, though, success tends to change a person’s soul and mind. But, one needs to be what they are from inside and not just wear masks as per the society.


Know- how about the field:

A person who want to get established in the field of music or is already established needs to be trained or have some expertise in their field else he/ she will be considered only a quack. They must be proficient enough to organize for a piece of music as per the situation. They must be well with playing and hearing the tune with every note, to sight read music. A composer/ lyricist must be so flexible that he/she can write or compose the music as required by the other party.

If his is not the case, what will the upcoming singers learn from such musicians and who will become their inspiration.

Following the rules and regulations of every contract:

Every person is binded with some rules when entering into a contract and therefore, to keep the agreement healthy and valid, one has to follow them. But, some people think that they are the king of their fate and others as well, therefore, they tend to make mistakes and adversely affect their career. Such people not only become a part of criticism but also become a subject matter of hatred for the people because of which their fans stop trusting them and loose hope from the music industry.


Unacceptable fee charges:

Some renowned and popular musicians charge in exorbitant charges for their performances and services, even after knowing this fact that it’s above what they deserve. But they actually take undue advantage of their name or production banner they are associated with. Such activity by them demolishes their career and their goodwill.


Equal chance to all:

You must have seen many reality shows come up on television from last few years and many participants reach their final stage but do they actually get a chance to sing or are the promises actually completed? May be not all, but if such platforms will not show them their way, where will the new entrants go?


There is a long never ending queue of aspiring candidates who want to make their name in the filed of music not only at national level but globally. All the established personalities who form a part of the music industry are an inspiration to them and almost half of the population follows their ideologies’ and life style through their songs and their outlook. So, it’s a very big responsibility on today’s music world to portray a positive image in front of all through their work.

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