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What you Need to Know About Stylish Asphalt Shingles

by franciscoclose

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Asphalt shingles are among the most tremendously vouched for roofing products around the nation. Thus, DC roofing companies recommend them to their customers because they are long lasting and visually pleasing. Such a roof product can even match the beauty of slate.

The appeal of asphalt shingles in the United States concerns the truth that they are very durable yet are economical. Asphalt shingles vary in price and usually last thirty to fifty years. The most prominent shingles are created to resemble slate, which is a terrific offer for people who truly like the look of slate roofings but can not spend as much for the real thing.

There are also asphalt shingles created to look like wood, which benefits those who are fond of wooden shingles (and the rustic appearance they afford) but would rather not have the vulnerability of wood roofs. Wood often bloat, shrink, split, and even rot in answer to weather changes. While a roofing contractor in Arlington can provide wooden shingles and treatments to reinforce the roof, asphalt shingles that are cut to look like aged wooden shingles are available.

While asphalt shingles are certainly suggested by many roofers, locals from Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia are nevertheless encouraged to attempt authentic slate shingles. Made of a lovely bluish stone, genuine slate shingles are really sturdy; for this reason, they are challenging for hurricane and twister winds to remove. These also offer protection against heavy snowfall, rain, and the extreme sunshine. Slate roofing can last up to almost a century with little or no upkeep.

Roof specialists are also delighted to offer repair and maintenance to existing wooden shingles or shakes. People who wish to install wooden shingles or wish to replace an existing set can count on roofers to provide them fine cedar shakes. These are specifically treated to preserve their shape and strength for a long period of time.

Picking a roof is a severe job, especially because you'll need to have roofs that can weather storms (or twisters). If, however, you discover it hard to choose which to use – asphalt, slate, wood – speak with a roofing expert to help you. For more details, see and

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